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Andrew Jackson greatly revolutionized the function and power of the presidential term by unifying the executive subdivision, changing the sensed face of the President, presenting personal power into the office, and controlled the presidential term for a 3rd of a century. Before him, the executive subdivision was a group divided, unsure of their map and their higher-ups. Before him, the President was identified with Congress, simply another portion of the buearocracy. Before him, the office of President fulfilled merely that which was specifically stated in the Fundamental law to be their responsibility. Before him, every four old ages at that place was a true conflict for the destiny of the highest authorities office in America.

Andrew Jackson was born on 1767, in a log cabin. This ulterior became a topic of pride for Americans who voted for him. He was orphaned at 14, his hapless Scottish-Irish parents killed. He was a self-made adult male, going rich through agriculture and practicing jurisprudence. In malice of his low beginnings, he ne’er was a title-holder for the common adult male, although people thought he was. It is necessary to cognize these things ; that Jackson struggled against hardship from the beginning of his life, to understand & # 8220 ; Old Hickory & # 8221 ; and what consequence he had on the presidential term & # 8217 ; s function.

Prior to & # 8220 ; Old Hickory & # 8221 ; , the Secretary of the Treasury was an equivocal office. Those who filled it were ne’er certain merely who precisely was their superior, the President or Congress. Most chose Congress, and so the Secretary of the Treasury became a undercover agent for Congress in the President & # 8217 ; s Cabinet. Andrew Jackson didn & # 8217 ; t cotton to this divided group ; he told one of his Secretaries of the Treasury obviously that he was simply & # 8220 ; a subsidiary & # 8221 ; of the President. This declaration of a job that had plagued old Presidents was merely one of the ways he unified his subdivision of the authorities, beef uping it. On another juncture, when a cadaver showed up drifting in the Niagara river and a great tumult was caused over whether or non it was the organic structure of a New York bricklayer and Mason named Morgan ( who had divulged his Lodge & # 8217 ; s secrets ) , Jackson settled the affair competently. He suggested a new party be formed. This party was called the Anti-Masons, and died out shortly. But Jackson had given an mercantile establishment for indignation and a few old ages after the incident would be elected for the first clip.

Andrew Jackson was one of the most popular Presidents. When he was inaugurated, 1000s of the people who elected him, the center and lower category, thronged the streets of Washington. It had late rained, and the milling throng rapidly turned the streets to mire. In the White House, velvet chairs were imprinted with the boggy boot Markss of work forces, a testimonial to the kind that partied there after the curse was administered. This popularity of the & # 8220 ; Gineral & # 8221 ; ( as friends and comrades of Jackson called him ) wholly changed how the President was seen. Before, the Hamiltonians and their fellow blue bloods ( demuring, of class, the first President, who was elected because he was the lone popular national figure ) had been aloof, seeing their office as a grade of how much better they were than the common adult male. But Jackson was simply the First Citizen, a true representative of the

people. And he used his popularity to true advantage. Jackson vetoed more measures than his predecessors had in 40 old ages because he would non be intimidated by Congress. When they shoved, he used his popularity to jostle back. Harder.

When Jefferson was elected and became the President, he did precisely that. He became the President. He did what the Fundamental law said he could make and what case in point told him could make. When Jackson was elected and became the President, the President became Andrew Jackson. Throughout his term, he would use his ain personal will to his occupation as Chief Executive. It was Jackson who foremost claimed that the President had the right to blackball a jurisprudence merely because he didn & # 8217 ; t agree with it, non because it went against his reading of the Constitution. He had a strong will, and a strong pique, and he brought it to bear on every job that faced him. The Ancient Romans had a expression: & # 8220 ; Consulis, hominis non esto. & # 8221 ; It meant & # 8220 ; Be a consul, non a man. & # 8221 ; They intended this to intend tht person in office should be the office, non himself. The key to Jackson & # 8217 ; s power was that he ne’er obeyed this apothegm.

It was through this powerful personality that Jackson was able to consequence political relations in America to such a grade. He controlled the presidential term about wholly from 1828 through 1861, a 3rd of a century. He did this in oblique ways. First, there were his two footings of office. Then, he used his popularity to about call a replacement, Van Buren. He briefly lost control for one term after that, but so regained it in the personage of his flunky, James k. Polk ( he was even called & # 8220 ; Young Hickory & # 8221 ; ) . Jackson followed up Polk with Taylor. Taylor, unluckily, died in office, and his Vice-President became President, but he didn & # 8217 ; t earnestly endanger anyone. Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan, while non really kids of Jackson, idolized the adult male and followed his policies about to the missive. So Jackson left a huge bequest in the signifier of a flock of followings who followed him into office.

There are several things you could state to rebut the statement that Jackson significantly changed the Presidency. First of all, one might indicate out that he did nil to change the Constitution, which gave presidential powers. But the Constitution so slackly defined the President that it left a great trade of room for alteration. It merely spelled out elections, his power over the Armed Forces, and things like the power to do pacts. The bulk of the President & # 8217 ; s powers were left unfastened.

One could besides claim that Jackson himself didn & # 8217 ; t alter the Presidency ; that he was simply the figure caput for a countrywide motion. But if this was so, so why was his presidential term so different from the President straight before him? As I have said, he vetoed more than all of the other Presidents before him combined. No, Andrew Jackson was the impulsive force for Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson, a adult male whose ain curious blend of pique and truth guided his state for a clip that shadows about any other figure in American history. Andrew Jackson, a adult male who carved a way through case in point for beliefs. Andrew Jackson. More than adult male: fable.


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