Animal abuse

June 6, 2018 Cultural

Animal abuse is a hard topic to write about for an essay. Before you can begin writing about animal abuse, you must know what it is. Animal abuse or cruelty is defined as any acts of neglect or violence committed against an animal. Because this is such a controversial issue, professors and teachers will usually want you to present your information from an objective point of view, which is hard to do with such a disturbing topic.

It is hard to start writing with any topic that focuses on the cruelty done to other living beings, so here are some pointers to help you begin your essay. 1. First here is a list of some of the topics that animal cruelty essays are usually written on: ? Previous history of animal abuse ? The different kinds of animal abuse ? Reasons why people might abuse animals ? Things you can do to prevent animal abuse ? Promoting animal rights ? How to help animals that have been abused 2.

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Almost all essays written on animal cruelty will touch upon one or more of these topics in some way. They can even be used as section headings to help organize your essay. 3. When writing an animal abuse essay, your paper should aim to address some key points. 4. You should be able to discuss your topic in a scientific manner without becoming emotionally involved in your writings. 5. Remember that the purpose of these types of essays is to raise awareness about the problem and provide possible solutions of how to solve it. 6.

Your information must come from reliable sources and be able to be validated. • The statements you make and the sources you provide in your paper are the key to providing convincing arguments explaining why your topic is important. • Reliable sources for this type of paper often include scientific journals, books written about the topic, or information obtained regarding well known animal rights organizations. 7. Your essay should take one of the main topics concerning animal cruelty, as mentioned earlier in this article, and narrow it down to a more specific focus.

If you wanted to write an essay concerning why people abuse animals, you could focus on any psychological or cultural beliefs as reasons behind animal cruelty. • This would be the underlying question to frame your research around. Also, using reliable statistics concerning your topic can also be a good source of information to use in your essay. 8. Finally, remember that the general idea behind these types of essays is to raise awareness about the issue, so make sure your paper is well organized, provides accurate and reliable information, and has strong convincing arguments.


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