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March 24, 2019 Medical

Animal Testing
Using animals in research and to test the safety of products for human use has been a heated topic for a while now. There are other ways to test product safety than on a poor innocent animal. Animals do not have the ability to fight back or give consent to the experimenter. They are forced to be test subjects and have to endure many awful procedures. No matter how individuals see animals, the fact remains that animals are being used in research facilities and cosmetic companies all across the world. Although, humans sometimes benefit from the testing, it is not right for the animal to be forced into being a test subject. People have different feelings for animals; some see them as a companion or a pet, while others see them as a way to advance technology. Animal testing should be banned because it is cruel, unethical, and unnecessary.
Many people believe that animal testing is not cruel at all. The reason being for that is all the medical advances and cures animal testing has brought us. It has brought us insulin for diabetes, chemotherapy for cancer patients, vaccines for fighting polio, rubella, and chicken pox. The government prohibits testing on humans and most people are not jumping at the idea of becoming a test subject. Humans do not want to be poked, pried, and stuck with needs so that is why animals are used.
While it would be worse for humans to be the test subject, there are other ways to test products that do not include humans or animals. One alternative to animal testing is in vitro. “Technical advances have changed the frontline somewhat, with in vitro and in silico methods gaining more ground” (Meigs et al.). It has been proven to be superior to animal testing for numerous purposes. Some significant findings from in vitro testing include cancer-screening treatments, testing drugs with biochips, and replicating human skin for research (“neaves”). It permits simplification of the system or disease under study and allows the experimenter to focus on a small number of components. Animals do not have the ability to voice out their opinions, and therefore have no control of what is happening to them. It is very cruel to take an animal away from their environment and move them to a lab where they are tested on. Animals are put through tons of excruciating pain from all of the procedures and tests. Test subjects are equivalent to a prisoner, even though they did not commit a crime, and have no control of being there. The animals are deprived of a normal lifestyle in their normal environment. They are isolated from the world and kept in the same room for almost their entire life. They live in constant misery with no ability to change their circumstance. “United States laws allows animals to be burned, shocked, poisoned, starved, drowned, addicted to drugs, and brain-damaged” (Peta). There is not an experiment that is prohibited, and pain killers are not required after testing. Experimenters forcefully feed chemicals to animals and conduct multiple surgeries on them. It is extremely cruel to make an animal live that way for any amount of time.
Although, most people agree that it is unethical for an animal to be treated in such ways, there are some people who agree with it. While animal suffering should be as minimal as possible, it is said that it is more suitable for an animal to suffer rather than a human. The cures that have occurred because of animal testing are considered reason enough to continue the practice, with the goal of reducing human suffering and saving lives. “While animal suffering should be minimized, they also cite that it is preferable for an animal to suffer as opposed to a human” (Murnaghan). It would be more unethical for a human to be put through these procedures than an animal.
It is unethical to sentence millions of thinking, feeling animals to life in a laboratory cage and intentionally cause them pain, loneliness, and fear. It is wrong to treat animals solely as tools for furthering technology and knowledge. There are different ways to figure out how a human will be affected by something, rather than testing it on a healthy animal. An animal should have the right to live out a full life, free of unwanted pain and suffering just like humans. Animal testing causes unimaginable suffering to the animals involved, and they feel pain just as humans do. There is not a person that would want to endure what these animals are having to go through. Many families either own or aspire to own a pet. There is a close bond that exist between a human and their pet. People who experience that bond would never allow their pet to be put through the pain and suffering that animals being tested on have to endure.
Multiple people find it necessary for products to be tested on animals rather than humans. Scientist use animals to learn more about health problems, and to assure the safety of new medical treatments. Researchers need to understand health problems before they can develop ways to treat them. People say that animal testing on some cosmetics is necessary to ensure human safety. There are laws in place to make sure that animals are treated as humane as possible. Most of the animals used in research have short lifespans and reproduce quickly. That helps with researchers to have the ability to test how a medicine interacts in a living organism over a whole lifetime, or whether any affects are passed to their children.
It is unnecessary for animals to be put through all of the pain they have to undergo. The test on animals are very expensive, time consuming, and use multiple animals. From a scientific view, the results are not necessarily transferrable to humans. There have been numerous tests on mice to try and find a cure for cancer. The cure works on the mice, but still does not work in humans. Animals are animals, and humans are humans. If we look at every part of the disease in a mouse the same way as a human being, then it is a waste of time. Some researchers lose sight of the main goal of curing humans because they are so focused on the animals. Humane alternatives are available and are becoming more precise as technology advances. There are ways to make products more naturally, so that testing is not required. If companies would use more organic products, rather than chemicals the testing would not be needed. There are many other ways to test products using an animal.
Animal testing is a cruel way of researching the effects of medicine and cosmetic products. The animals have no ability to say no and refuse the treatments. It is unethical to sentence animals to a life of pain and suffering when there are other ways to get the information needed. It is unnecessary for animals to be put through excruciating pain and to live in such conditions. Humans and animals have similarities but are not scientifically the exact same. There are other available ways to test things before giving them to humans. Although, humans sometime benefit from the testing it is not right for animals to be forced into being a test subject.


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