Animal Farm-Power Corrpts Essay

October 18, 2017 March 26th, 2018 General Studies

Animal Farm is an allegorical novel about the Russian Revolution and the ensuing political system of the Soviet Union. Through this narrative which appears to be a simple fable on the surface. we see George Orwell’s beliefs about the nature of power and its apparently inevitable corruptness of baronial thoughts. Educated authorization figures in the book bend the rules of communism to accommodate their ain selfish demands and desires. all the piece taking advantage of the uneducated multitudes. and easy manipulated them through propaganda and persuasion. Through this fable of communism turned to dictatorship. Orwell explores the dangers of a political system where leaders have no sense of societal duty toward their topics.

The first case of corruptness among the governing category appears shortly after the revolution. The hogs. the new swayers of Animal Farm after the ouster of the tyrant husbandman Jones. milk the cattles to alleviate them from of their uncomfortableness. The animate beings. retrieving how Jones would blend some of the milk into their mash. look frontward to at least similar intervention from the hogs. However. the milk shortly disappears and it is discovered subsequently that the hogs have mixed it into their ain mash without sharing it with the other animate beings. merely as the windfall apples have been consumed entirely by the hogs. Squealer. the political propagandist for the hogs. justifies this to the other animate beings by stating that the hogs need the excess encephalon energy. and so bolsters his statement with some fright mongering: “ Do you cognize what would go on if w hogs failed in our responsibility? Jones would be back! ” ( 32 ) .

The fact that this incident occurs so rapidly after the revolution and at a clip when all of the hogs are still present on the farm shows Orwell’s belief that the corruptness is non merely inevitable in a society where the opinion sector of the population is so much better educated than the remainder. but that all of these members of the governing category were potentially bribable. As the narrative moves on Orwell shows us how power is perverting more. Another of the major case that occurs after the milk and apples is the governing category traveling in the farmhouse. As the commandment says no carnal shall kip in a bed. Some of the other animate beings were confused but as usual informer came with his propaganda.

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