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Professional Skills & A ; Ethics Workshop 3 Report

There are two articles. Answer inquiries as follows and station on Workshop 3 StudyZone country by 4th February 2010. Answers should be right formatted in a Word papers with group names clearly marked. This can be done either as a group or separately.

New Generation of Robots Delivered to Cyberwidgets Inc.

1. How much input should an assembly line worker like Bart Matthews have into the procedure of planing a computing machine system with which he or she will finally hold to work?

Before the planing stage of the computing machine system the assembly line worker should be questioned about the work procedure that the system will cover, as the maps of production line should be recorded in item in order to stipulate the demands of the system. Furthermore, as the worker will be the hereafter operator of the computerized system, he must hold a part in the designing of the operational user interfaces by proving them and knocking what is debatable or what can go better and easier. Bart Mathews mentions the user interface as a disadvantage, which is a critical portion for making a solid HCI for every computing machine system.

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2. Bart Matthews indicated that he “ trusts ” the automaton. Where do you believe this trust comes from?

The trust of the operator to the automaton is consisted by the undermentioned facets:

  • Protects the workers from the heavy and unhealthy manual work of the store floor countries
  • Reduces the working accidents
  • Speed ups the production of doodads
  • The automaton “ obeys ” to the operator, intending that its operation is trusty
  • The automaton ‘s maps are seasonably, exact and unafraid, demoing a high Artificial Intelligence

Robot Kills Operator in Grisly Accident

1. Suppose you were charged with look intoing the cause of the robot accident. Where would you get down? In other words, where would you anticipate to happen the causes of the accident?

There are three point of views on happening the causes the robot accident. The first one recognises it as an accident that was caused either by a malfunction of the software/hardware. The 2nd agrees with the first that it was truly an accident but we must seek the causes in the bad design of the user interface, the cognition of the operator and the security steps of the on the job country. The last one looks out for any maliciousness prepense. An insider may hold changed one or two bids of the plan, jammed the package, or if the automaton package is a portion of a LAN, we must look into the legal power of other operators to the bid line.

2. Generate a list of possible causes, such as operator incompetency, hardware failure, a package bug and so on for the slayer accident.

Assuming that it was truly an accident, we recorded the following possible causes:

  • Malfunction of the hardware
  • Software bugs
  • Bad design of the operation console ‘s interface
  • Security measures non included in the software/hardware
  • The operator was n’t sufficiently tutored on how to work with the console
  • Poor security steps

3. Generate a list of possible suspects, that is, people who might hold played a function in doing the accident. At this point place these people by place or duty such as ‘hardware maker ‘ or ‘software examiner ‘ .

If the accident was caused by a hardware or package malfunction, so Silicon Tectronics, the maker of the automaton, should take the duty for the accident. It seems incorrect to set the incrimination in one individual, the package examiner or the package applied scientist, because the supervisor of the undertaking could be every bit responsible if a package bug is found. There are many people who may hold made a error before the creative activity of package is completed ( in analysis, design, cryptography, integrating, proving and put ining stage ) . Another great illustration of how duty is shared and non set in one individual is the debatable interface of the operation console. First of wholly, the IT may hold misunderstood the demands of the operators in the production line. Secondary, the package interior decorator could implement a bad pattern of HCI in the plan. Next, the testing and the installing of the job could make minor jobs that would n’t look to interfere with the maps of the automaton as many times as they were tested and the direction agrees to finalise the undertaking in order to sell it in clip. So, the directors and managers of the company could be responsible as good. More, the company where Matthews worked is responsible excessively, for non taking earnestly his ailments for the user interface and non holding taken excess security steps.

4. CyberWidgets want to put the Robbie CX30 back on line every bit shortly as possible. Give a list of conditions under which you would be comfy with the Robbie CX30 being returned to service. Feign you are portion of the CyberWidgets direction.

  • The automaton must be re-tested and verified that is secure ( both package and hardware )
  • If it is n’t Silicon Techtronics must set about the duty for the accident and correct or of all time redesign the CX30 theoretical account.
  • A user friendly interface must be built, sing that more operators find the interface debatable
  • Operators must be tutored by a specializer on how to work with the operation console
  • A on/off switch must be added to the automaton
  • Excess protection steps in the on the job country ( possibly a dual solid glass between the operator and the automaton )
  • 5. Discourse what moral jussive moods in the BCS codification of behavior are in danger of being abused in this instance? hypertext transfer protocol: // show=nav.6030
  • The public involvement codification is in danger of being abused by the maker of the automaton, as a likely malfunction will qualify them as irresponsible for the public wellness and safety. It is n’t certain that they did do usage of the relevant statute law, ordinances and criterions. In instance that there were known minor jobs of the automatons so the company or the appropriate individual withheld or misrepresented information on their public presentation. On the other manus, the managers of the company where the victim worked are professionally irresponsible for here workers, as the operator ‘s cognition and accomplishments were n’t sufficient for runing the automaton. More, they did n’t move with unity in their relationship with the employee, as they rejected his ailments about the user interface.


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