Antebellum Period Essay Essay

October 25, 2017 General Studies

During the pre-civil war period. the Antebellum old ages. there were forces that shaped and reformed American society. doing today’s society the manner it is. Anti-slavery motions. societal reform. and women’s rights motions were all forces that remade American society during this clip period. The battle for adult females and slaves along with societal reform everlastingly changed our society. The issue of bondage was ever come uping in older America ; people eventually began to make something about it in the slaves’ favour. Peoples ( including adult females ) started to contend for slaves to hold right and to be free because they were worlds like everyone else. and they claimed it to be unconstitutional to decline them freedom. The American Anti-Slavery Society was founded by William Lloyd Garrison and was an abolitionist society. This society usually sponsored meetings. signed anti-slavery requests. and printed propaganda to advance anti-slavery.

Many talks and addresss were given by members of the society to assist distribute the word of anti-slavery across the land. As the issue on bondage grew. more and more people picked sides and got involved. which lead to heated statements and finally to physical fiascos and public violences. The authorities had to make something at that point to turn to the unconstitutionality of bondage. Womans have been contending for civil rights for awhile now and were determined to acquire them. Women transformed into women’s rightists of a kind and fought for the right to vote and the ability to acquire a occupation and gain a pay. as any adult male would. Equality and political rights were of import to many adult females. such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott ; Mott is widely known as the female parent of feminism.

Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed the Seneca Falls Convention. a two twenty-four hours long women’s rights convention held in Seneca Falls. New York. Anti-slavery and women’s rights motions engendered the societal reform that occurred during the Antebellum period. As clip went on. slaves acquired more freedom and even went to contend in the Civil War. Women besides helped in the war by going nurses. They gained every bit good more political rights and more equality to work forces ; they finally went on to work in mills and earned rewards instead than being homebound. These factors forced the American society to alter through reform and the desire of certain groups of people to alter. The adult females fought for what they wanted and the slaves did the same. with some aid along the manner. Much of the equality we see in America today is mostly due to the anti-slavery motions. women’s rights motions. and societal reform that took topographic point in the Antebellum period.

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