Antebellum Reform Movements

August 13, 2018 Education

During the years of 1825-1850, the United States went through many changes that impacted the United States’ economy, government, and social life style of many people especially due to the start of the Industrial Revolution. As the United States found conflict with the West as they continue to expand more further to West, the United States also found conflict within their nation with so many reform movements that were occurring in their nation. These reform movements lead many leaders to democratic ideals in the United States. Although not every reform movement was efficient, some reform movements that occur in the United States were more convenient to many citizens and immigrants.

Some of the reform movements that sought to expand democratic ideals. For example, the political reform movement specifically the women’s rights reform, which gave more legal and political rights for women, after the Seneca Falls Convention was very convenient to the gender female. Also, another reform movement that impacted the social lives of many was the reform for Abolition, which like many leaders like Frederick Douglass opposed slavery and wanted it to end. In the result, the slaves would find themselves with freedom.

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Lastly, other reform movements that influenced the social lives of many were Utopian Communities and Education. The Utopian Communities was to create places where it freed many from poverty and greed which many people equal from each other. Also, a reform movement took a step in the United States was Education by stating that public education was available for to everyone under the leadership of Horace Mann, which gave the right for women and children to attend to school for an education.


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