Antecedent Genre as Rhetorical Constraint Essay

August 14, 2017 General Studies

Written in 1975. Kathleen Jamieson’s “Antecedent Genre as Rhetorical Constraint” declares that discourse is determined by the Rhetorical Situation. every bit good as antecedent genres. Antecedent genres are genres of the yesteryear that are used as a footing to determine and organize current rhetorical responses. When placed in an unprecedented state of affairs. a rhetor can pull on antecedent genres of similar state of affairss in order to steer their response. However. cautiousness should be taken when pulling on ancestor genres because sometimes antecedent genres are capable of enforcing powerful restraints ( Jamieson 414 ) .

The purpose of ancestor genres are to steer the rhetor toward a response consistent with situational demands. and if the situational demands are non the same as when the ancestor genre was created. the response to the state of affairs might be inappropriate ( Jamieson 414 ) . Through three illustrations of discourse. the apostolic encyclical. the early State of the Union Address. and congressional answers. she demonstrates how hints of antecedent genres can be found within each.

These illustrations clarify how a rhetor will be given to pull from past experiences that are similar to the present state of affairs in order to steer them how to move or react when they are placed in an unprecedented state of affairs. Jamieson explains. by usage of these three illustrations. that picks of antecedent genre may non ever be appropriate to the present state of affairs. She discusses how antecedent genres place powerful restraints on the rhetor and may do them to go “bound by the handcuffs of the ancestor genre” ( Jamieson 414 ) .

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These “manacles. ” she says. may run in degree of difficultly to get away. Jamieson urges one to be careful when pulling on the past to react to the present. because of the effects that may follow 1s pick of ancestor genre. She reiterates the intended result through her statement of “choice of an appropriate ancestor genre guides the rhetor toward a response consonant with situational demands” ( Jamieson 414 ) .


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