Antigone Essay

August 5, 2017 History

Remember those people who ever thought they were right. and they ever ended up in problem for it? I Sophocles’ play Antigone. the chief characters Antigone and Creon show how being so hubris can be tragic to your life. Set back in antediluvian Greece an heroic conflict takes topographic point and brothers end up killing each other. One was allowed a proper entombment. yet Polyinesis was non. Antigone felt disappointed by this and decided to bury them yet Creon the freshly appointed male monarch did non appreciate the regulation breakage. Due to the fact that Antigone and Creon exhibited inordinate pride. their lives were ruined.

Antigone’s haughtiness and flashiness finally led to her decease. For illustration. on Creon’s foremost twenty-four hours as male monarch he made a edict that no 1 should bury Polyneisis organic structure. When Antigone heard this. she went to Ismene and asked for her aid ; yet Ismene refused and called her a condemnable. Antigone still disagreed. “But I will bury him ; and if I must decease. I say that this offense is holy ; I shall lie down with him in death” ( 673. 55-57 ) This proved that Antigone was cocky and she was kind of saying that all her incorrect behaviors are “holy” ; she is mentioning to herself as ever being right. This affected her though falsifying her position on life.

In add-on to her statement with Ismene. Antigone so was caught in the act of burying Polyniesis and was brought in and questioned by Creon. “And you Antigone. with your caput hanging – do you squeal this thing” ( 679. 53 ) When Antigone didn’t deny her offense and boasted to the male monarch and the seniors. It proves how egotistic that she is. If she would hold non been so braggart I doubt that Croen would hold been so rough to Antigone. Furthermore. Creon so calls in Ismene to protest against her offense every bit good. Creon started o believe that she helped Antigone to plot against him.

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Ismene so lied and said she did assist to Antigone’s surprise. Antigone go indignant and denied her manus in the title. Ismene is displeased in antigone’s penalty. “Do you refuse me. Antigone? I want to decease with you ; I excessively have a responsibility that I must dispatch to the dead” ( 681. 138 ) . Antigone was so enraged further and rebelled against Ismene. “You shall non decrease my decease by sharing it” ( 681. 139 ) Antigone is demoing self centered and concided she was. She believed that she was so of import because she did the right thing by the Gods that no 1 should decease except her because she was particular.

However. Antigone was non the lone major character with this defect. This proves how haughtiness can truly damage anyone’s life merely like it did to Antigone and Creons’ . Pride and the surplus of it played a large function in this drama. being the tragic defect of both chief characters ; haughtiness is non merely a large portion of this drama but besides our history. there will ever be people who can ne’er be incorrect. Many people are merely like Creon and Antigone. Always believing they are right. Is your life headed for a destiny merely like Antigone’s secret plan?


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