Ap comaprison china and egypt Essay

August 27, 2017 Cultural

Nomads have been known to roll the eastern hemisphere since the beginning of clip. The mobile people and their incursions had affected China and Egypt both. nevertheless there impact varied greatly from part to part. China and Egypt both portion that the nomads brought chariots to either part. but they differ in the fact that in Egypt most people were forced to go mobile and driven out of their places. while China did non.

In both China and Egypt the mobile people brought new civilization to each society. Chiefly they brought cultural diffusion to each. From each topographic point the nomads traveled from. apiece of that civilization got incorporated into China and Egypt. conveying new thoughts. and bettering society. Chariots were besides a similarity that the nomads brought to both China and Egypt. Mainly nobles. and the armed forces used the chariot as a manner of transit. The chariot was a manner of demoing societal hierarchy. and besides improved warfare tactics. These similarities greatly impacted and improved the great societies of China and Egypt.

The effects of the nomads and their incursions on China and Egypt differed in many ways. The Chinese life near the Yellow River had to go mobile due to agricultural grounds. while in Egypt the mobile life manner was forced upon them by being forced out of their places. Due to the Chinese going mobile because of agricultural grounds. many issues formed between the non-nomadic Chinese people and the mobile Chinese people.

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So for 2. 000 old ages the nomads harassed. invaded. and even conquered the settled agricultural civilisations of the Chinese imperium doing many incursions. Counter to that the nomad people helped boom the Egyptian life manner along the Nile. raising its population enormously. Last one other difference of the consequence of mobile people and their incursions on both Egypt and China was. in China the mobile people concentrated on crowding their animate beings. and in Egypt non so much.

I think the differences between the manner the nomads affected China and Egypt were make to the manner the different imperiums were run. The authoritiess were ran otherwise. there for doing it tough for the similar attributes the nomads brought. doing it difficult to impact them both in the same manner. In the terminal weather the affect of the nomads and their incursions were similar in both China and Egypt or different. those properties that were brought to the societies by the nomads helped organize those two top parts today.


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