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November 27, 2017 General Studies

The Writing Process in My Eyes Theta Roll Versus Falls Community College/Kimball Area High School There are many processes to writing a solid essay that is worthy of reading. Some oft he steps that are most commonly used in a well established essay are as follows: preprinting, thesis statement, introduction, body, conclusion, editing/revising, and publishing. Preprinting is what is recommended first when starting an essay, and that is how I alls o get started on my essays.

I Jot down all the ideas or memories that I can recall from a par tactical point in my life, and write them down. I try to do it in chronological order so it’s easier to follow in the following steps of the writing. I usually take the most time writing down my thoughts and ideas, and getting them all down on paper. It makes it easier to make the story flow and connect the ideas tog ether. The thesis statement is one of the most important steps in writing overall in my opinion According to (“Writers Workshop: Writer Resources. ” Writing Tips В« В« The Center for W rating Studies, Illinois. “The thesis statement focuses all your ideas into one or two sentence sees. ” All the details should follow the thesis statement, and should support it. I usually think of a thesis SST tenement right away, then branch off of it. It makes it easier to come up with a story when you have a solid building block to start from. There are several ways to go about writing a thesis statement, but what I u usually do is think of the main topic and write one thing about it plus the main subject. That way you ha eve a little more information that Just the main topic to follow.

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Next, the introductory paragraph is the first paragraph that sums up the essay in a fee sentences. It shows what is coming up in the essay and what to expect to be talked a ND discussed about. It typically doesn’t discuss the details of the essay, but rather picks out the maim n parts to come. This in my opinion is one of the trickier things to do while writing an essay, because y oh have to think of all of the topics that you are going to cover within your essay without writing the body or conclusion paragraphs first. 2 The body of the essay includes all of the details about the main topic.

The body make s up all of the paragraphs that doesn’t include the introduction or the conclusion paragraphs. A according to, (Twig, Ezra. “How to Write a Formal Letter I Scribed. Com. “) “The body of the letter is the part between the ginning and closing). This is more than likely where you have to search for further information about the topic. It usually takes the most time to search and write down, because it makes u p over half of the essay. Although, if it’s details from my life or memories, it will more than likely come more natural for me to write about.

The conclusion is the paragraphs that wraps up the essay and sums up what the who el essay was about. It is an ending without saying, “The End. ” This is the third piece that make s up the essay itself. Conclusions are very important, considering it is paraphrasing and helping you member what the whole essay or writing material was about. Putting the conclusion together is usually one of the easiest parts of the process, because you Just have to briefly cover what was said and mention Ned in the introduction and body of the essay.

Revising and editing comes next in the process of writing. It is very important to have somebody else revise or edit your essay, because if the individual were to edit it themselves, the y may overlook many mistakes that go unnoticed. That’s why it is always a good idea to have somebody dye else look over your work to make sure it’s done well and correctly. Also, another reason why it is a g DOD idea is because the person reading your essay may not understand it quite like you intended d, or how you perceived it in your writing or in your head.

Finally, the last part of the writing process is publishing. Publishing a work or essay TA ekes a long time, but in the long run, after all of the steps are finished, the product is well worth I t. Being published means that it has been through all the steps that were talked about above, and have been printed and 3 professionally looked over. There are many different ways to publish a work, all deep ding on what type of work is being written and published. Overall, the writing process has a lot of steps to it.

All of them in my opinion are fairly easy to follow and understand. In conclusion, if the steps are all followed correctly, the finish De product should turn out to be a masterpiece.


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