Apollonian And Dionysian Impact On Literature English Literature Essay

September 14, 2017 English Literature

“ As on the stormy sea which extends without bound on all sides, ululating cragged moving ridges rise up and drop ”


In these lines, it is shown that how a crewman amid heavy storm sit in his boat peacefully, non panicking. Apollo can be explained as the composure, self-denial and reason that the crewman has shown. He trusts in his rule of individualization, i.e. , in his “ TRUE SELF ” . His immature mind becomes integrated over clip into a well-functioning whole. The construct of individuality here shows it is Apollonian and the Dionysian.

Line 2

“ It is a dream! I want to woolgather it some more! ”

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We all dream about something. The dream can be explained as our reading of life. It is the universe that we want to see. A universe off from world, filled with joy and felicity. Although all dreams are non ever agreeable and friendly, some are filled with serious, dark and persistent images, filled with events that we are afraid of, that we do n’t wants. This is dream province of Apollo. Hence the impact of Apollonian and Dionysian is clear here.

Line 3

“ Do you fall down, you 1000000s? World, do you hold a sense of your Godhead? ”


In Greek mythology, Dionysus is defined as the God of vino, rapture, and poisoning. The contrast between Apollo and Dionysus symbolizes rules of wholeness versus individuality, light versus darkness, or civilisation versus cardinal nature. This is a typical Grecian attack of literature.

Line 4

“ When Silenus eventually fell into the male monarch Midas ‘ custodies, the male monarch asked: what was the best thing of all of work forces, the really finest. ”


By above lines, we can see that Greeks knew about the horrors of life and the calamity of being. Hence out of fright or necessity, Greeks created these Gods: Apollo and Dionysus. So the construct here is clearly Apollonian and Dionysian.

Line 5

“ The really worst thing for them was to decease shortly ; the 2nd worst was to decease at all. ”


The above line is the creative activity of Silenus. By the creative activity of Gods: Apollo and Dionysus, people started believing in life. There former frights of panics of being were decreasing. Through Apollo, through their dream, they can conceive of a peaceable, self-controlled life for themselves. Similarly, Dionysus gave them felicity, passion and their integrity of being. Peoples thought of populating under approvals of these Gods as life under bright sunshine and they started mentioning to trouble as a separation from this sunshine.

Line 6

“ With me, experiencing at first lacks a defined and clear object ; the latter develops for the first clip later on ” .


In the above lines, Schiller explains his psychological observation during his composing procedure. He explains that ab initio he does non hold any clear image of thoughts that he desire to portion. All there is the blur image. This can be explained as fusion with himself and the universe, which is as explained by Dionysus.

Line 7

“ What does music expression like in the mirror of imagination and thoughts? ”


If we see the account given by Schopenhauer, which states precisely opposite to what above lines say, i.e. , the music will look as the aesthetic, strictly brooding, will-less province. But a lyric poet needs all the passion, madness and the exhilaration. If he sees music with Apollonian attack, he will happen music in images, images parts of his dreams, his desires. He will construe the music with his emotional dissatisfaction, his groaning, hankering and heartening.

Line 8

“ Here I sit-I make work forces

in my ain image,

a race like me,

to endure, to cry,

to bask life and rejoice,

and to disregard you,

as I do. ”


These are the lines of Aeschylus ‘s Prometheus. In these lines he is mentioning to the agonies faced by persons and the dangers faced by God. He wants to state that he can make work forces with his wisdom and cognition and can besides destruct Gods. He knew about the agonies but still was brave plenty and confident that even these agonies seem to him so minute.

Line 9:

“ Suffering animal, born for a twenty-four hours, kid of accident and labor, why are you coercing me to state what would give you the greatest pleasance non to hear? The really best thing for you is wholly unapproachable: non to hold been born, non to be, to be nil. The 2nd best thing for you, nevertheless, is this-to die shortly. ”


The two lines shown supra, in which foremost best thing is described as non to hold been born and the 2nd best thing is described as to decease shortly, shows us the fright in the Black Marias of emotionally sensitive and enduring people. The creative activity of these Gods gave them strength, the hope to populate. It showed to them the joy of life, the pleasance of life.

Line 10:

“ The beautiful visual aspect of the universe of dreams, in whose creative activity each adult male is a complete creative person, is the stipulation of all fictile art, and besides, in fact, as we shall see, an of import portion of poesy ”


Harmonizing to this, the adult male, now non merely is united with its neighbours but besides with himself. This attack treats adult male, non as an creative person but as a work of art. This work of art is created by nature. Due to poisoning, adult male feels himself above from world, closer to god. The statements are adequate to demo it is Apollonian and the Dionysian.

Line 11:

“ A crewman sit in a row boat, swearing the weak trade, so, in the thick of a universe of tortures, the lone adult male sits peacefully, supported by and swearing in the principium individuationis ”


Apollo is the God of brightness, truth, lucidity. It preaches worlds to be sane, unagitated and composed even if they are surrounded by myriads of jobs, same as the crewman does in the thick of stormy sea.

Line 12

“ A certain musical emotional province comes foremost, and from this, with me, the poetic thought so follows. ”


Then comes the emotion in the musical province and so followed by poetic thoughts. Initially, he sees his thoughts in the signifier of music. These thoughts are filled with his hurting and contradiction. Hence they can be explained as his fusion with himself. This music seems to him as metaphorical dream image, which is explained in Apollo

Line 13

“ It was in a dream that the great creative person saw the delicious anatomy of superhuman being ”


But still everyone wants to woolgather more. They see light, brightness, a manner to populate there life through these dreams. Greeks associate this joyful necessity of dream experience with Apollo, the God of brightness. Apollo regulations our interior universe, our fantasy universe. This is dream province in Apollonian.

Line 14

“ The consciousness of the vocalist is filled with the topic of willing, that is, his ain willing, frequently as an unleashed satisfied willing ( joy ) , but besides, and more frequently, as a restricted willing ( sorrow ) , ever as emotion, passion, a disruptive province of feeling ”


The above lines signifies debut of flock vocals in literature which is a effect of brotherhood between the Apollonian and the Dionysian.

Line 15:

“ Singing and dance, adult male expresses himself as a member of a higher community: he has forgotten how to walk and speak and is on the brink of winging up into the air as he dances ”


Dionysian is artistic force is highlighted here and therefore impact of Dionysian on literature is clearly seeable.

Line 16:

“ The Earth freely offers up her gifts and the animals of quarry from the stones and the desert attack in peace ”


As Under the thaumaturgy of the Dionysian the bond between adult male and nature itself rejoices. This high spots it is Dionysian.

Line 17:

“ Now the slave a free adult male ; now all the stiff, hostile barriers break apart, those things which necessity and arbitrary power or “ impertinent manner ” have established between work forces ”


This is Dionysian ‘s artistic universe where adult male in non fixed in boundaries of world and is free to conceive of.

Line 18:

“ They have become their God ‘s timeless retainers, populating beyond all parts of society ”


Here the Grecian calamity is represented as the Dionysian chorus. The adult male is servant of God and the Chorus is the mark for the jointly aroused Dionysian crowd.

Line 19:

“ We ‘re non so peculiar in what we say:

Woman takes a 1000 stairss to acquire her manner.

But no affair how rapidly she can travel rapidly on,

With merely one leap the adult male will acquire it done ”


This is a chorus which is component of Dionysian. Here the calamity of a adult female is represented in the signifier of chorus.

Line 20:

“ Spontaneously he transferred the whole image of the God, as if by magic trembling in forepart of his psyche ”


Apollonian dream province is once more in action here. The imaginativeness of adult male to visualise God in dream province is highlighted here. Hence impact of Apollonian is clear.


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