Appearance Versus Reality In Hamlet English Literature Essay

September 24, 2017 English Literature

The drama Hamlet, by William Shakespeare is considered by many as Shakespeare ‘s greatest work. Hamlet is the quintessential illustration of a calamity. In all calamities the hero suffers and in the terminal normally dies. Hamlet gets cut by a poisoned blade and dies. The consistent subject throughout the drama is appearance versus world. Many state of affairss appear to be forthright and honest, but in world they are fallacious and dishonest.

Polonius, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and King Claudius all appear to be sincere and trusty but the world is they are all evil. Because they give off the feeling that they are trusty and sincere, it is highly hard for Hamlet to happen the truth behind his male parent ‘s slaying.

The King ‘s royal helper, Polonius, has an compulsion with visual aspect. He ever wants everyone to believe he is a lovingness and loving individual. In the drama, Polonius appears to be a fantastic adult male with unbelievable love and devotedness for his boy Laertes. Polonius gives his boy advice, which appears to be heartfelt but in world it was calculated and insincere. Polonius merely wants to look like an solid individual instead than really being one:

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“ And borrowing dulls the border of farming.

This above all: to thine ain ego be true,

And it must follow, as the dark the twenty-four hours,

Thou canst non so be false to any adult male.

Farewell, my blessing seasons this in thee! ” ( 1.3. 83-87 ) .

Polonius shows his craftiness by giving his boy his permission to remain in France but has a undercover agent follow him. Polonius gives the visual aspect of being a sort and loving male parent who adores and swear his boy but in world he is a prevaricator. He does non swear his boy and shows this by directing a undercover agent to watch his every move. The advice he so fondly gives Laertes is all an act so he looks like a loving male parent.

Another illustration of world vs. visual aspect is shown when Polonius tells Ophelia that she no longer can see Hamlet. He tells her that Hamlet does non love her, he merely lusts for her. Polonius fills Ophelia ‘s caput with prevarications but the

world is he knows how much Hamlet loves her: “ Ay, ( springs ) to catch woodcocks. I do cognize, When the blood Burnss, how extravagant the psyche ”

( 1.3. 124-125 ) .

Throughout the drama Polonius appears to be a loving and honorable parent but in world he is a prevaricator and deceitful. Polonius strengthens the subject of visual aspect poetries world by showing how his visual aspect is non his true nature. His true nature is a adult male of prevarications non the loving and caring adult male he tries to portray.

The most apparent contention between world and visual aspect betrays the people. Claudius is non the heroic brother of the asleep male monarch who took over the throne to salvage the people, as they think he did. Claudius speaks to the people and convinces them non to be afraid that their King has died. Claudius, feigning to sorrow, encourages the people that they need to bury about King Hamlet and acquire on with their lives. Claudius says: “ Though yet of Hamlet our beloved brother ‘s decease. The memory be green, and that it us befitted. To bear our Black Marias in heartache, and our whole land. ( 1.2. 1-7 ) . The people of the land believed that King Hamlet died of natural causes and had no thought that their new male monarch murdered him. . Hamlet was to return to Wittenberg, Claudius asks Hamlet non to travel back to Wittenberg but to remain so they can watch over him. In world, Claudius does non care about Hamlet, he wants to watch him. Claudius knows that if Hamlet finds out the truth about his male parent ‘s decease, he will kill him. Gertrudes thinks that because Claudius asks him to remain he is seeking to acquire closer to his stepson. Hamlet agrees to remain but starts to oppugn why Claudius is so concerned about him.

Rosencrantz and Guidenstern are two characters who contribute to the subject of visual aspect versus world. Hamlet ‘s childhood friends ; “ My esteemed Godhead! My most beloved Godhead! ” ( 2.2. 240-241 ) . In world are manipulated by Claudius to assist him kill Hamlet. Claudius tells them to see Hamlet and happen out what is incorrect with him. They go to Hamlet feigning to be his friend when the truth is they merely went to see him because the male monarch asks them to. Hamlet figures out that they are merely comforting him to happen out why he has been so disquieted. Hamlet, cognizing what they are making, mocks them at every opportunity he gets because he knows their visit with him is a prevarication and tells them he does non swear them “ my two schoolmates, whom I will swear as I will adders fanged ” ( 3. 4. 225-226 ) .

Claudius gives Hamlet advice that inordinate grieving is non good and that it could do him ill. Claudius tells Hamlet that he is should be commended for sorrowing for so long over his male parent ‘s decease. Yet once more Claudius keeps seting on the visual aspect of being an honest adult male.

“ Tis Sweet and applaudable in your nature, Hamlet,

To give these mourning responsibilities to your male parent.

But, you must cognize, your male parent lost a male parent ; .

That male parent lost, lost his, and the subsister edge. ( 1. 2. 90-97 )

The character which offers the best illustration of world vs. visual aspects is Hamlet. The most prevailing illustration would be Hamlet ‘s “ fantastic temperament ” ( 1. 5. 192 ) which we find out is merely an act “ I am but huffy north-north-west: when the wind/is southward I know a hawk from a hand saw ” ( 2.2.402-403 ) .A Hamlet is an first-class histrion, even converting his ain female parent that he is insane, “ Alas, he ‘s huffy ” ( 3.4.121 ) . But in world he is absolutely sane.

Hamlet besides shows world vs. visual aspect by his program to utilize the drama to see if the male monarch is guilty or inexperienced person of the slaying of his male parent: “ the drama ‘s the thing. Wherein I ‘ll catch the scruples of the male monarch ” ( 2. 2. 633-634 ) . Claudius is lead to believe he is traveling to a drama. He does non recognize that the drama has an added scene which would impeach him of slaying Hamlet ‘s male parent.

Hamlet ‘s devotedness and love for Ophelia besides has two sides. Hamlet, when being “ fantastic temperament ” appears non to care or love Ophelia. He tells her “ You should non hold believed me, for virtuousness can non so ( inoculate ) our old stock but we shall enjoy of it. I loved you non ” ( 3. 1. 127-129 ) .A In world when Ophelia dies Hamlet admits “ I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could non with all their measure of love make up my amount ” ( 5. 1. 285-287 )

The characters in the drama all show the subject visual aspect poetries world. Polonius, Rosencrantz. Guildenstern and King Claudius all appear to be sincere and trusty. However, in the terminal, Hamlet sees through their visual aspects to the world of their true nature.


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