Apple’s marketing relationship building with the target customers Essay

1. Introduction
With the intensified competition and the rapid development of information engineering. houses are confronting unprecedented both chances and challenges in selling. Selling is a societal platform to supply opportunities for persons and groups to obtain what they need and want through interchanging assorted merchandises with others ( Kotler. 1974 ) . In the modern-day society. people can non populate without marketing with others which is much more of import to houses. This study tends to measure how Apple-one of the most advanced and originative companies builds marketing relationships with its mark clients through trade name edifice. What is more. this study attaches much importance to client profile which reveals some basic information about clients.

This study is organized as follows. The first subdivision is the debut. The 2nd portion shows how Apple’s client profile affects its trade name edifice to hold a closer selling relationship with clients. The 3rd one illustrates how Apple builds its trade name and bit by bit builds the selling relationship with clients through stigmatization and client profiles. From this portion. it will be clearly clarified how Apple’s trade name has astonishing thaumaturgy to pull so many fans. The last subdivision is the decision.

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2. Evaluation about client profile of Apple
Harmonizing to Barron’s Marketing Dictionary. client profile is the description of a client group based on assorted demographic and psychographic feature. Apple collects client profile through customers’ downloads in the app shop. And these downloads are limited to Apple-buyers who have certificates. From these certificates. Apple can follow customers’ information therefore completing its profiles roll uping.

From Apple’s client profile. it can be found that: ?Most Apple-users are immature with professions and pupils take great portion in the utilizing of Apple merchandises. A recent study in 2008 based on the profile of iPhone users showed that most of the iPhone users are immature and about 75 % of iPhone users have used merchandises of Apple before. ( The Apple iPhone: successes and challenges for the nomadic industry. 2008 ) . It can be found from the image below which shows the age distribution of iPhone users that most iPhone-users are beyond 40 old ages old and half of iPhone users are under the age of 30.

Figure2-1: The age distribution of iPhone-user
Besides Apple’s client profiles show that most of ( 79 % ) Apple-users are employed and 16 % of Apple-users are pupils. In general. iPhone users tend to follow advancement of new engineering. The research found that most iPhone-users are in the place of professional and scientific services. humanistic disciplines and the information and engineering industry ( The Apple iPhone: successes and challenges for the nomadic industry. 2008 ) . In add-on. about 66 % of families with Apple devices earn $ 60. 000 or more in their income. compared with merely over half of non-Apple users can gain that much ( Apple profile study. 2008 ) .

In add-on. from these two images below. it can be found that Apple users have obtained a higher educational degree. From the Apple profile study 2008. it can be found that 68 % have completed a 4-year university grade and even higher educational degree like post-graduate grade or physician grade. By comparing. merely 45 % of non-Apple families have reached this high educational degree. It seems that Apple-users normally have higher educational degree and higher incomes which help to afford them a higher disposable income. so that Apple’s high monetary value non a barrier to them. ( Apple profile study. 2008 ) . In all. it can be concluded that Apple is favored by the economically elect.

Figure 2-2: The working conditions of Apple-users
Figure 2-3: The Educational degree of Apple users

Figure 2-4: The educational degree of non-Apple users
( Beginnings: The informations comes from Apple profile study 2008 )

?Apple-users take good advantage of cyberspace.
From the image below. it can be found from the Apple profile study 2008 that 63 % of Apple users spend more clip utilizing their computing machines to seek the cyberspace than watching Television. But merely 57 % of non-Apple users spend more clip on computing machines than watching Television.

While when comes to basking the merriment on the cyberspace. the difference between Apple users to non-Apple users is merely little. It has been found that there are about 60 % of Apple users keep detecting more ways to utilize the cyberspace for merriment and about 58 % of the non-Apple users try to make that ( The Apple iPhone: successes and challenges for the nomadic industry. 2008 ) . Since Apple-users are normally with higher degree of instruction and most of them are employed. it is non unusual that they take good advantage of cyberspace and they besides know better to utilize their devices for a better life. But Apple users still do non hold better thoughts to bask the merriment of cyberspace with their advanced devices. It could be a challenge for Apple to come up with new ways of basking the merriment of cyberspace with Apple devices.

Figure 2-6: Comparison of Apple-users to non-Apple users on time-spending with computing machine and Television ( Beginnings: The informations comes from Apple profile study 2008 )

?Apple-users are loyal to Apple’s merchandises.
What is more. it has been found that about Apple-users are loyal to merchandises of Apple. From a study on whether clients who use iPhone now have any other Apple devices. it has found that 49 % of iPhone-users have used iPod antecedently. 20 % of iPhone-users have used Mac and iPod and merely 5 % iPhone-users have one time used Mac but no iPod. Merely 26 % of iPhone users do non utilize iPod or Mac before. So from the study. it can be found that approximately 3 quarters who use iPhone today one time have used Apple devices antecedently. These findings show that Apple-users are loyal to Apple’s assorted sorts of merchandises and clients are rather satisfied with merchandises of Apple.

Figure 2-5: Did you own an iPod before you got your iPhone?

To reason. Apple with its assorted sorts of antic and advanced merchandises such as iTunes. iPod. iPad. iPhone attract immature people and turn them to be loyal clients of Apple. These clients who have high income or high educational degree aid to do the trade name of Apple to hold high position in the markets. And these customers’ love of Apple non merely maintains trade name trueness of Apple but besides attracts more and more clients get in love with Apple.

3. Analysis of how Apple builds marketing relationship with clients 3. 1 Apple’s trade name edifice with stigmatization Brand has many advantages which companies can take to acquire closer to clients for more gross revenues including improved perceptual experiences of merchandise public presentation. greater client trueness and increased selling communicating effectivity ( Keller. 2009 ) . It is good acknowledged that trade name has critical importance to a company even to a merchandise or one sort of service.

Particularly in this fast-changing universe. merchandises are acquiring to be more similar because of the ferocious competition which makes trade name to be the difference between assorted merchandises. Trade names help to construct sustained relationship with the clients. Strong trade names lend endurance and public presentation to an organisation and protect it from the market turbulency and uncertainnesss ( Kapoor & A ; Kulshrestha. 2011 ) . In add-on. trade name gives clients a sense of trust even makes them experience a better quality of life. Trade names make significances that become conventionally understood and shared across interpretative communities. ( Holt. 2010. McCracken. 1996. and Kats. 2006 etc ) .

The trade name construct of Apple is “think different” which has last for over 30 old ages. From the originative and advanced merchandises like iPod. iPad and iPhone. Apple ever brings clients surprise and specify how to “think different” . In add-on. Apple pursues to construct a humanistic corporate civilization with a strong corporate ambiance to animate employees to work voluntarily which can go forth good feeling on clients ( Kahney. 2012 ) . The celebrated planetary trade name consultancy Interbrand which aims at making and pull offing trade name value released “2012 Best Global Brands” list. Apple jumps into the superior 2 in the universe. and the trade name value growing is 129 % . The trade name of Apple has been a miracle in the planetary universe. How dose the trade name of Apple grow so rapidly in the modern-day society? The undermentioned portion will look into this job.

The first measure of is to acquire the customers’ attending. The advertizement of Apple has ever maintained surprise which arouse the attending of clients. Since Steve Jobs returned Apple. the first release of iMac. either the picture or the out-of-door propaganda is featured with feature of Apple which makes the trade name of Apple unique. Al Ries and Jack Trout pointed out in the book of ?The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing?in 1994 that if an endeavor can non be the “first” in the consumers’ picks in the industry. so the best manner is to make a new class to pull consumers.

And the “opposite Law” pointed that to busy the heads of
consumers as the “second” best picks ; the trade name communicating scheme is non to seek to travel beyond the “first” . but to be different. In the early 1880ss. Apple is seeking to vie with the industry leader-IBM and so quickly gain the attending of consumers. Through the long advertisement run. such as “1984?and “Think different” . Apple has built the spirit of invention and fearless which brings the construct of the trade name. Subsequently with the publicity of iPhone and iPad. the advertizement of Apple started to concentrate on elect people.

The people who use Apple’s merchandises in the advertizement are normally good educated and prosecute a higher quality of life. Through these advertizements. the trade name of Apple has been positioned as elite and high quality of life. With customers’ attending. they are interested in the merchandise of Apple and have the desire to purchase the merchandise. The productions of Apple’s merchandises are tools for those who are ambitious and passionate to alter the universe. To conclude. through sectioning the aiming markets. Apple finds its ain place and its mark or possible clients. Merchandises like iPhone. iPad. iMac are advanced and manner which are favored by those who have high income with professions or those who are prosecuting manners. To them. Apple’s merchandises are alone and advanced. By run intoing customers’ demands and fulfilling their psychological demands. Apple has built its stigmatization and bit by bit makes the trade name meaningful and attractive. therefore doing the trade name of Apple world-famous.

3. 2 Constructing selling relationship with stigmatization and client profile Selling relationship is a procedure including placing mark or possible clients. set uping relationship with them. keeping these clients and eventually heightening relationships with them ( Gronroos. 1997 ) . And in order to construct selling relationship with clients. it is of great importance to cognize better about client relationship direction. Customer relationship selling is to keep trade name trueness and stimulate repetition and even more purchases of clients ( Murdy & A ; Pike. 2012 ) . Kumar ( 2010 ) pointed out that client relationship direction is the strategic procedure of aiming the of import clients and supply them with well-considered services to determine the relationship between a company and these clients.

The end of the selling relationship of clients is to optimise the involvement of the clients and fulfill their demands. What is more. Taleghani.
Vhirani and Mirrashed have mentioned in 2011 that the scheme of relationship selling is based on making. developing and keeping relationships with clients. Through the trade name edifice. Apple bit by bit establishes selling relationship with clients. Customers start to pay attending to merchandises of Apple and they are rather satisfied with these merchandises. And with the trade name being more meaningful and animating. clients are impressed with positive trade name images of Apple. Gradually the trade name of Apple has been indistinguishable for clients which help Apple to construct the first measure of marketing relationship with clients. And the 2nd measure for marketing relationship edifice is achieved by roll uping client profiles. Apple takes advantage of its client profile to happen their mark clients. and to keep trade name trueness.

Through the information of client profile. Apple knows precisely who bought their merchandises. when did they purchase the merchandise and how many times did they purchase the merchandises. Depending on client profiles it collects from these downloads of clients. Apple get a better apprehension of its clients and can utilize these information to fulfill customers’ demands. therefore keeping trade name trueness and supplying warm services harmonizing to customers’ demands. In all. the client profile of Apple provides the cognition needed to situate its mark and possible clients and enable Apple to concentrate on selling and branding attempts more efficaciously which eventually help Apple to construct selling relationship with its clients.

Third. despite the advanced and astonishing merchandises of Apple. it besides provides clients with the delicate services which help to heighten selling relationship with clients. It has been said that Apple has five phases of service including attack. investigation. present. listen and terminal. “Do non be manipulated by the machine but to pull strings machine yourself” is Apple’s customer-oriented construct to bring forth new merchandises. In 2007. one month before the iPhone is officially on sale. Jobs asked developers to exchange the phone’s plastic screen to anneal glass screen. This has solved the job of the screen be scratched by keys. In add-on. the Voiceover helps the blind to read texts and of all time enter information. Apple ever stands on the side of clients and think for them. These warm services and Apple’s caring about clients help Apple maintains trade name trueness of clients. By the three stairss of set uping the trade name of Apple. keeping the trueness of clients and heightening connexion between
clients. Apple builds the selling relationship with clients.

Although Apple’s selling schemes has been rather effectual which make the trade name of Apple known all around the universe. While there still exists some jobs in Apple’s selling. First of all. Apple’s selling is excessively dependent on the leading of Jobs Steve. He gives the trade name of Apple the name of manner. invention and esthetics. Depending on his public influence. many of his followings choose to purchase the merchandises of Apple. With the left of Jobs. the trade name of Apple may confront some challenges. Second. the monetary value of Apple is excessively high among its rivals. Although most Apple’s clients are of high income or good educated. the high monetary value of Apple besides make Apple lose some clients since some other merchandises can fulfill their demands with just monetary values. Last but non least. Apple has a large competitor-Samsung. As a latecomer to the nomadic phone industry. Samsung has defeated Motorola,Nokia and other rivals to go the world’s 2nd largest Mobile phone shaper. The competition between Apple and Samsung will dispute the trade name value of Apple.

4. Decision
To reason. trade name is of critical importance to a house or an organisation. A strong trade name offers trust for clients and therefore becomes a nexus to keep customers’ trueness. Branding helps to do merchandises different and can take the mark clients. Through stigmatization. Apple builds the trade name which establishes the first measure of marketing relationship with clients. By roll uping client profiles. Apple knows better about its clients which help Apple to keep trade name trueness of mark clients. In add-on. through the delicate services and advanced merchandises. Apple enhances the selling relationship with clients. In all. Apple builds the selling relationship by three stairss including set uping the trade name of Apple. keeping the trueness of clients and heightening connexion between clients. Although Apple has successfully built its trade name and has good relationship with clients. Apple still faces many challenges including the left of its celebrated leader. the high monetary value of its merchandises and the strong rivals.

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