Application Of Porters Five Forces In Claro Colombia Marketing Essay

Michael Porter was born in Michigan, USA in 1947. He is certainly one of the most recognized people in the strategic direction field. By the twelvemonth 1969, Porter graduated in Princeton University in aerospace and mechanical technology. Having completed his undergraduate grade with awards, Porter decided to give a bend to his calling by doing and MBA in the Harvard Business School which he besides completed with excellence ( Huggins and Izushi, 2011 ) .

Porter continued being really interested in the economic sciences field, ground why he carried on his academic calling at Harvard ‘s Economic Department with a Phd in concern economic sciences.

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Before Porter, many other research workers intended to explicate the strategic direction pattern and its aims, such surveies chiefly come from a sub-area of economic sciences called Industrial Organization, nevertheless these surveies merely concentrated on public and non in the private policy ( Karagiannopoulos et al, 2005 ) . Industrial Organization is where Michael Porter started, and in 1980 published his first book called “ Competitive Scheme ” where he contributes to the literature and the field itself with the Five Forces Model ( Karagiannopoulos et al, 2005 ) . BUSCAR LIBRO EN BRITISH LIBRARY PARA ANTECEDENTES DE MICHAEL PORTER FORCES

The Model:

Porter came up with this five forces model for companies to develop a competitory advantage that can assist them make schemes to crush and cut down the competency from their challengers, to protect the companies against the competition and other menaces ( Lynch, 2003 ) . The intent of this model is to understand and get by with the competition ( … ) .

However, for Porter competition is non merely about the challengers, companies face some other factors such as:

– The bargaining power of providers: The providers have high power over an industry or organisation when there are merely few and it is hard to alter from one to another, besides when there are no replacements for the providers, when the providers ‘ merchandises or services deter a batch in the entire cost of the merchandise and eventually when the provider can set about the value of the organisation.

– The bargaining power of purchasers: Buyers are the clients and these 1s compete with the industry and organisations by coercing down monetary values, demanding more services and more quality and doing rivals fight against each other. The purchasers have strong power when purchasers are concentrated and there are non excessively many, when the merchandise offered by the company is no different from the others, when the purchaser can make the same service or merchandise that the organisation offers, when the monetary value of the merchandise is undistinguished for the purchasers and where there are few exchanging costs.

– Menace of possible new entrants: It depends on the barriers to entry and on how existing companies will respond when new entrants come into the industry.

– The menace of replacements: The merchandises or services that can work in the same manner as the original merchandise of the industry or company are called replacements. The 1s to hold into history are those that are doing tonss of net incomes out of it and besides the 1s that are bettering their monetary values and quality.

– The extent of competitory competition: It is the most apparent force among the others and it helps to cognize how the value of an industry can enfeeble through competition. High competition bounds profitableness, particularly if it monetary value competition. RESUMIR!

Porter ‘s 5 forces critics:

Porter ‘s five forces model has been wholly applauded every bit good as it has gained a batch of opposite statements from many writers. Some of those statements come from Lynch ( 2003 ) that confronts Porter by stating that his model is excessively inactive instead than dynamic like the environment is in existent, the rapid alteration that the forces can take is non shown in the model and that is something of import that the theoretical account is missing.

This statement is besides followed by Grundy ( 2006 ) who criticised that the theoretical account is “ excessively abstract and extremely analytical ” and for most directors that prefer to see clearer footings in models in footings to use it, that could look to be excessively complicated to grok. For this issue, Grundy ( 2006 ) recommends a new version of the theoretical account and suggests to unite the Five Forces Model with other tools like PESTLE and growing drivers.

Furthermore, Yong Kim and Oh ( 2004 ) province that the theoretical account is really utile but it should be integrated with other beginnings such as the resource-based attack and the relational attack to do organisations ‘ schemes more effectual. Porter ‘s model is missing on taking into history the benefits that relationships with clients and providers can convey when the relationship is harmonious and mutual ( Yong Kim and Oh, 2004 ) and besides on sing the resources of organisations that besides influence on the companies ‘ net incomes ( Hill and Jones, 1995 ) IMPORTANTE ; the resource based attack and the relational attack can carry through Porter ‘s model spread by analyzing the resources unique to a house and the advantages that mutual relationships can give to a company ‘s competitory advantage severally ( Yong Kim and Oh, 2004 ) .

Another critic is made by Goold ( 1997 ) who say that the Porter ‘s five forces are non applicable and non really utile to not-for-profits and spiritual organisations since it could be wrong to analyze industry profitableness within this sector.

In footings of new engineerings such as cyberspace, Karagiannopoulos et Al ( 2005 ) cites Porter ( 2001 ) stating that Internet reduces the barriers to entry, nevertheless they contradict this statement saying that the costs centres stay being the same both physical and practical, and these 1s determine great degree of entry barriers. Although the cyberspace is really utile engineering in footings of scheme, it does non alter everything and it does non make everything by itself. Karagiannopoulos et Al ( 2005 ) acknowledge that Porter ‘s five forces is a good tool despite all the old ages that have gone by since it foremost came out.

Finally, Porter ‘s model is besides criticized by go forthing behind the human side such as the civilization, people, direction accomplishments facets and leading. Another critic for the model is that the theoretical account may restrict the invention since it is chiefly preoccupied on competition and market forces, go forthing effectivity at a side ( Book library ) .

Despite all those critics, Porter ‘s model has been and is still being really utile ( Corporate scheme book ) , it made the microeconomics simpler and gave a tool to directors to analyze the external environment from another manner than merely the traditional SWOT ( Grundy, 2006 ) .

Application of Porter ‘s five forces in Claro Colombia


In footings of competition, Claro Colombia has strong challengers in the nomadic phone services industry with Movistar, Tigo, Uff, Une and the merely late introduced in Colombia, Virgin Mobile. These challengers offer the same service with the more or less the same capablenesss. However, Claro is taking the place of market leader with 61.9 % of the sum of endorsers ( MinTic, 2012 ) , that is the ground why it has been accused of being a monopoly and non playing flawlessly by the regulations.

The degree of competition is high as it is the issue barriers in the industry… ..***

There is besides a strong monetary value competition among the companies, where Claro has taken advantage of it by impulsing the lower monetary value for on net calls ( calls between same web supplier ) , doing their clients to avoid naming other webs. On the other manus, the monetary value that Claro stipulated for off net calls ( calls made to other web suppliers ) is high, beef uping the ordinance of coercing their clients to name merely Claros ‘ Numberss ; that phenomena is what in Colombia is called the “ club consequence ” . However the authorities merely late created a new jurisprudence where stops the prejudiced pricing scheme of Claro for off net calls.The authorities determination was to cut down all off net pricing in order to profit the clients ( Dinero, 2013 ) . This ordinance is fundamentally new and by the clip of this study, there are still no studies or informations of the impact on the industry after it was implemented.

Furthermore, the deductions of holding a monetary value war within the industry is that it may do mooing the profitableness ( Porter, 1979 ) .

In add-on, one of the distinction of Claro ‘s service is that it besides has the best geographical coverage among the other rivals, its signal can travel to rural countries where the other suppliers can non.

One other point to take into history is the attractive bundles that Claro offers to clients with the latests mobile phone equipments. Claro normally offers recognized trade name Mobile phone equipments with nomadic communicating bundles with a better monetary value.

Dickering Power of Buyer

Subscribers are non concentrated, besides in footings of exchanging costs, for postpaid endorsers these 1s are truly high. Postpaid endorsers sign a contract with Claro for normally 24 months, in which Claro offers bundles of nomadic services with Mobiles from an extended scope of known trade names. However, these 1s merely represent the… . of their clients ( Mintic, 2012 ) .

The bulk of endorsers are prepaid or pay as you go, and the shift costs are non every bit high as the 1s mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, the “ club consequence ” mentioned above, stimulates clients to non alter to other suppliers, offering cheaper monetary values for on net calls in a market where the bulk of clients have Claros ‘ Numberss.

Anyhow, in Colombia, for clients to alter from Claro to another supplier, they besides face the status to alter their nomadic Numberss and many do non desire that.

Additionally, the purchaser possesses plentifulness of information about the monetary values, services and quality.

Although, the selling and branding run of Claro has helped to derive the domination market, the degree of power of purchaser is average. ***

Menace of replacements

The menace of replacements that Claro ‘s face come from fixed line, nomadic cyberspace services, broadband cyberspace services, naming cards, orbiter phones, and cyberspace services such as skype, whatsapp and Viber.

Claro expanded its services and it besides offers fixed line, nomadic cyberspace services and broadband cyberspace services.

The major menace comes from cyberspace based services as skype and viber, which offer the same service for a significantly cheaper monetary value, in any instance these services need internet to map and Claro is an internet supplier as a broadband and nomadic cyberspace service. However, on nomadic cyberspace services Claro is non the market leader and is remaining behind in 3rd topographic point with 20.08 % of the market after Movistar with 53.95 % and Tigo with 20.24 % . Nonetheless, in broadband cyberspace services, Claro is a market leader but it does non hold a dominant place, with 1.161.903 of endorsers at the terminal of the twelvemonth 2012 is followed by UNE with 1.115.750 endorsers ( MinTic, 2012 ) .


Overall, the menace of replacements is medium.

Menace of new entrants

Barriers to entry the nomadic phone services sector are high. Therefore it is really hard to come in this industry.

Claro already has a good established trade name and repute for more than 18 old ages and it besides has loyal clients.

In add-on, it is really expensive to come in this industry due to the high costs to entry the market. Furthermore, to entry the market is expected to make it in a big graduated table in order to accomplish the low costs degrees ( Porter, 1979 ) . Besides, the reaction from Claro and other rivals to new entrants is expected to be aggressive.

Additionally, the authorities requires licensing and other policies and ordinances in order to come in this industry.

Dickering Power of Suppliers

The providers of Claro are nomadic phone fabricants such as: Apple, Nokia, Research in Motion, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Cisco, Alcatel-lucent, and Hispamar. *****


Aggressive enlargement to new countries, invention, do merchandise and service more atractive with monetary values and quality, strong run to clean repute and physique and maintain loyalty..

selling campaign.. hablar de la marca claro, que significa Y que valores tiene, impulsar esos valores in order to no perder clientes. la reputacion de claro hour angle Ido bajando, aunque su posicion competitiva sigue igual de lider, wickedness trade stoppage claro tiene que tener en cuenta el nivel de rivalidad con Sus competidores y asegurarse de no perder esa posicion, especialmente cuando EL gobierno apreto mom las leyes antimonopolio.

Asegurarse de tener buen espectro en la subasta por La tecnologia 4G, que es aboriginal parity EL sucess hereafter de las empresas de telecomunicaciones.

claro podria hacer charity runs.

tener moms campanas impulsadas Al sector juvenil ( supongo que Es EL sector mom grande O uno considerable BUSCAR! ) pueden ser conciertos, o celebridades para impulsar La marca. tener en cuenta tambien a que celebridad ponen ya que La misma celebridad puede afectar la imagen de la marca.



When analyzing the nomadic telephone industry it is of import to look at both facets of the industry, as they are inextricably interlinked together ‘ the nomadic French telephone makers and the web operators. In both instances the industry is oligopolistic. The chief rivals are Nokia, Apple and Samsung in footings of French telephones and O2 and Orange in footings of their web rivals in the UK.

The industry analysis shows that there is intense competition within the industry, both in footings of makers and web operators. The menace of new entrants to the industry is low as it is extremely regulated. Buyer and supplier power are both moderate, as the industry is reasonably oligopolistic. The menace of replacements in footings of a replacement to mobile phones is weak ; nevertheless a replacement to Vodafone French telephones is stronger. TENER EN CUENTA


Huggins, R. and Izushi, H ( 2011 ) Competition, Competitive Advantage, and Bunchs: The Ideas of Michael Porter IMPORTANTE CORREGIR

Karagiannopoulos, G. , Georgopoulos, N. and Nikolopoulos, K. ( 2005 ) . Penetrating Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account in the cyberspace epoch. 7 ( 6 ) , 66-76.

Grundy, T. ( 2006 ) . Rethinking and reinventing Michael Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account. Strategic Change. 15 ( 5 ) , 213-229.

Lynch, R ( 2003 ) . Corporate Strategy. Third Edition. Harlow, Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Appendix 1

Porter ‘s five forces

Type of Force

Overall Impact





– Claro possesses several rival companies such as: Movistar, Tigo, Uff, UNE and Virgin Mobile.

– Strong and high competition with selling and monetary value competition among challengers.

– Claro is the market leader with the 61,9 % of entire endorsers.

– High issue barriers.

– High competition and high monetary value competition may restrict the profitableness.

Dickering Power of Buyer


– High shift costs for endorsers.

– Buyers have plentifulness of information about monetary values, services, merchandises available in the market.

– Subscribers are non concentrated.

Menace of replacements


– Substitute merchandises are fixed line, nomadic cyberspace services, broadband cyberspace services, naming cards, orbiter phones, cyberspace services such as skype, whatsapp and Viber.

– Claro besides offers fixed line, nomadic cyberspace and broadband cyberspace services.

Menace of new entrants


– Barrier to entry are high.

– Well established trade name.

– The costs to successfully come in the market are high.

– To come in and vie in the market, the entrant has to come in a big graduated table.

– No danger or high menaces for the minute.

– Create schemes to keep this place.

Dickering power of providers

– Fabricants such as Apple, Nokia, Research in Motion, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, and Hispamar.

– The company has contracts with other companies for services like rolling international.

Appendix 2

SWOT Analysis


– Advanced Technology

– Market leader place

– 19 old ages of experience

– Cognition

– Favorable Geographic coverage

– Well established trade name

– Economies of graduated table? ? ? ? ? ?


– Ailments for bad client services


– Turning market

– Focus on 3G and the new 4G engineering


– High competition among challengers

– New rivals emerging

– Stock Market Pressure



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