Applying Existentialism Is Easy Essay

September 18, 2018 Philosophy

In Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground. the belowground adult male claims that he is inactive. It is this so called “inaction that I found interesting and I was reminded of the belowground adult male while I read Jean-Paul Sartre’s easy. “Existentialism is a Humanism. ” The belowground adult male is wholly cognizant that he entirely is responsible for his picks. or lack thereof. and suffers the torment of his picks before he even makes a determination. This is exactly what causes his inactivity and provides him with existential philosopher qualities. The belowground adult male is sub-consciously. an existential philosopher. in footings of Sartre’s essay.

To do the topic clear. this is how I interpreted Sartre’s “Existentialism is a Humanism. ” The three biggest points that struck me pertain to: “Man is nil else but that of which he makes himself” . “man is anguish” . and “man is condemned to be free” . ( Sartre. 1940 ) The first point merely makes sense to me because of its truth. I chose to travel to Simon Fraser University to prosecute a calling that pertains to the World Literature plan. This pick entirely is what will build me into the individual that I will go. The 2nd point is the consequence of the first point.

Unfortunately. my determination to go to SFU has resulted in loss of slumber. deficiency of financess and a diminished societal life. Thus. I am in torment. Finally the last point and likely the most controversial point is that I have the freedom to do the determinations I make. For case. today I had the freedom to wholly alter the topic of my essay. Despite the torment it has put me through I changed my subject ( twice ) and now here I am composing about the belowground adult male and existential philosophy. I have argued with people on this topic ; I will state. “We are all free to do the picks we want.

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” When I say this the uneven individual will counter that idea with. “what about people in the 3rd universe. they have no pick but to populate in their slums and scraping by. ” But that statement is wrong. those people have the freedom to run off. although the result might non be favorable for them. they still have that freedom. There is no pre-ordained written jurisprudence that tells these people they must remain in their slums and die hungriness. disease or any other unreliable complaint. On that idea. it is even wrong to province that the belowground adult male is inactive ; he has the freedom to make up one’s mind to be inactive in his society.

The belowground adult male in Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground is an absolute caput instance and I am flabbergasted that he even managed to acquire Liza into his house. However. one can see from his Quixotic ( I thought I made up that word ) adventures in “Apropos of Wet Snow” why he is the manner he is in “Underground. ” He used his freedom to do hapless determinations and possibly the poorest of them all being the determination to handle Liza like a prostitute and set money into her manus. Unlike myself and most other people I know. the belowground adult male is unable to cover with the torment he provides himself with when doing a determination.

He even claims that after the abuse to Liza that he “almost fell badly from torment at the clip. ” ( Notes from Underground. 90 ) He recognizes this anguish and I believe that he besides recognizes the fact that any determination he or anyone else makes will ensue in holding to cover with the torment as a consequence of that determination. This is basically why he remains inactive. The belowground adult male is besides cognizant that he is the manner he is because he chooses to be.

Although this is difficult to turn out because the belowground adult male is invariably lying ; I think that the fact that he is stating us that he is lying makes us cognizant that he is cognizant of who he is. The line. “however. the ‘notes’ of this self-contradictory list don’t terminal here” ( 91 ) . gives me the feeling that the belowground adult male has no purpose of altering who he is for this is the manner he chooses to be. What this all adds up to is that the belowground adult male is disgusted with what adult male is making with their freedom.

It is evident that the ego witting belowground adult male is cognizant that people are reading his notes. Although I have no concrete grounds I think the belowground adult male is unwittingly seeking to do his readers stray from the norm and conformance of the mid and upper categories.

He asks his readers. “what kind of free pick will at that place be when it comes down to tabular arraies and arithmetic? ” ( 23 ) This is the biggest and foremost intimation to me that he believes that non everything is governed by scientific discipline and that adult male has the freedom of pick. In kernel. this gives the belowground adult male existential philosopher qualities without him even cognizing it ; or possibly he does. Despite of this statement. I think it would be instead easy to use existentialist qualities to any character from any novel. I believe this is due to its catholicity.

Truly it all makes sense because when it boils down to it. Worlds have complete control over their lives. they may take to believe in a pre-ordained way. but is it truly pre-ordained or does a individual sub-consciously lay out their ain hereafter? I guess this is the inquiry that can ne’er be answered and merely be thought upon. In the terminal nevertheless. I personally do non believe it affairs. Dostoevsky. Fyodor. Notes from Underground. W. W. Norton & A ; Company. 2001 Existentialism from Dostoyevsky to Sartre. erectile dysfunction. Walter Kaufman. Meridian Printing Company. 1989.


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