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September 12, 2017 Commerce

Performance assessment is the procedure of roll uping, detecting and analysing the recorded information about the comparative worth of an employee. The min motivation behind transporting out the procedure of public presentation assessment is to mensurate the existent public presentation of the employees with the expected public presentation that has been set.

1.2 Procedure of Performance Appraisal:

ESTABLISHING Performance Standard: this histories for the first measure in the public presentation assessment system which involves puting up of the criterions that will move as a base to judge the public presentation of the employees. It besides measures the grade of their part towards accomplishing organisational ends and aims. The criterions set should be clearly communicated, easy apprehensible and in mensurable footings.

Communication THE STANDARDS: one time the criterions have been set, it is the responsibility of the direction to efficaciously pass on the same to their employees so that they are good cognizant of their responsibilities and duties to be performed. This enables the employees to understand their functions and the sort of public presentation expected. The criterions besides have to be punctually communicated to the judges or valuators and can undergo alterations at this phase if required, on the footing of feedback received from employees or judges.

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Measuring THE ACTUAL PERFORMANCE: this phase is the most of import as it is important to mensurate the existent public presentation of the employees in the right mode within the specified period of clip. Performance assessment being a uninterrupted procedure involves supervising the public presentation throughout the twelvemonth and it requires careful choice of assessment techniques, extinguishing grade of personal biasness and supplying aid instead than interfering in an employees work.

Comparing THE ACTUAL WITH THE DESIRED PERFORMANCE: as apparent, this phase involves comparing the existent public presentation with standard public presentation and placing divergences in the same. The divergence can be positive, i.e. existent public presentation is more than the standard public presentation or negative, i.e. the existent public presentation is lower than the coveted public presentation. Therefore, the important maps to be carried out in this phase are remembering, measuring and analysing of the informations related to employees ‘ public presentation.

DISCUSSING Consequence: so the consequence of the public presentation appraised is communicated and a follow up session with the employees on a one to one footing takes topographic point. The purpose of this follow up is to work out jobs and make a consensus. The feedback should be given with a positive attitude or else it might hold a negative impact on the employees ‘ morale and public presentation.

DECISION Devising: the concluding measure to public presentation assessment system is to take determinations as to better the public presentation of the employees, take disciplinary steps to extinguish the divergences identified and HR related determinations like wagess, publicities, transportations, etc.

1.3 Samsung:

Samsung is one of the taking trade names of electronics in the universe. It has become even more popular with the launch of its android smart phones which are similar to the Apple iPhones.

Samsung has several subdivisions in India which are running successfully. Samsung besides sells basic nomadic phones that are really inexpensive, therefore popular with the lower income groups.

We interviewed Mr. Rajesh Dhadich, the Area Business Manager of Samsung, Pune. He was really helpful and provided us with the necessary information about the public presentation assessment system that is used in their organisation.

Samsung uses the traditional method of public presentation assessment, i.e mark vs. achievement method. The employees ‘ public presentation is evaluated based on their accomplishment in the specified period, whether they are able to run into their mark or non.

1.4 Hierarchy:


Vice president


All India head regional director

Zonal Self Manager

Area Business Manager

2. Aims of the Survey:

To detect and analyse the public presentation of the employees over a specified period of clip.

To happen out the difference between the existent public presentation and the expected public presentation.

To give the employees feedback of their old public presentation.

3. Methodology Adopted:

There are two types of methodological analysiss to happen out the system of public presentation assessment used. They are:

Primary informations aggregation

Secondary informations aggregation

This study was conducted utilizing primary informations aggregation. Mr. Rajesh Dhadich, Area Business Manager of Samsung, Pune was interviewed.

4.Data Analysis and Interpretation:

Do you follow a chiseled public presentation assessment system in your organisation?

Yes, a chiseled public presentation assessment system is carried out in the organisation where in the employees are judged on the footing of the marks achieved by them. The employees have the freedom to traverse inquiry their foremans if they are non satisfied with the evaluation.

Which type of public presentation assessment system do you utilize?

Samsung uses a traditional system of public presentation assessment. They follow the system of mark vs. accomplishment wherein every employee is given a specific mark to accomplish in the beginning of the month. This mark may change from an addition in the market portion or an addition in the entire gross revenues. Depending on the mark achieved, public presentation of the employees is rated. For illustration, an employee may be given the mark of selling 1000 smartphones in one one-fourth. If the employee achieves his mark, he is given a high evaluation.

What is the intent of holding a chiseled public presentation assessment procedure in your organisation?

Training and development: public presentation assessment helps to happen out the drawbacks in an employee ‘s public presentation and hence he can be trained in those accomplishments which would assist him execute better.

Sequence planning: through public presentation assessment, employees with good leading are identified, which helps the organisation to descry people to make full future cardinal function places.

Does the employee have a clear apprehension of his responsibilities and duties?

The office provides the employees with an employee friendly Human Resource ( HR ) Manual at the day of the month of fall ining which gives them a brief thought about what is expected out of them, their responsibilities, duties, along with their rights.

Are the employees free to show themselves in instance of a mismatch between the existent and the coveted public presentation?

In instance the employees are unsated with their foremans ‘ evaluations and think they deserve more, they are free to post their grudges and differences through a great workplace portal. They are free to show themselves and negociate with their foremans. For illustration, if an employee is rated 8 on 10, and he feels he deserves more because of his public presentation, he is free to show himself and negociate with his foreman and happen out the grounds for the foreman ‘s evaluation. This shows that Samsung ‘s work environment is unfastened to treatments and highly work friendly, which satisfies the employees in the long tally.

What are the inducements given to the employees apart from pecuniary benefits?

If the employee wants to purchase any electronic appliance, Samsung merchandises are available to him at a discounted rate, say for illustration 25 % . Quarterly wagess are given to the people with the best public presentation. Further, outstanding performing artists are given particular wagess and allowances. All these bring on the employees to execute better and accomplish their mark.

What are the challenges faced by you while measuring the public presentation assessment of the employees?

Sometimes due to a positive alteration in the market conditions, an employee may be able to execute better than his co-worker in the old one-fourth taking to confusion for the director as to who has performed better. Due to this ground, it becomes hard for the director to distinguish between a performing artist and non-performer, and evaluation becomes a small confusing.

What is the feedback given by your employees on your public presentation assessment system?

Employees were asked to rate the public presentation assessment system of the company in which it was concluded that 85 % of the employees are satisfied with the feedback given to them.


Samsung is one of the taking electronic trade names holding its subdivisions all over India which are running successfully. After carry oning a thorough research, it was found that Samsung follows an employee friendly attack of public presentation assessment wherein mark vs. accomplishment method is used. Performance assessment in an organisation is really of import as it helps in happening out the difference between the existent and the coveted public presentation of an employee. It besides helps the employers in steering their employees to accomplish their ends. Training and development of the employees is besides possible with the aid of a good public presentation assessment system. Therefore, it is necessary for every organisation to hold a chiseled public presentation assessment system.


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