Appreciation of Microsoft Office 2007

March 23, 2018 Business

APPRECIATION OF THE MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007 Introduction In the early productions of the Microsoft Office applications, users utilized a scheme of toolbars, menus, and task panes to get their work completed. The prior Microsoft Office applications worked fine when the applications had a small amount of commands. Now that the programs have been so much more revolutionized, the older features do not work as well. Microsoft Office wanted to create a more orderly computer unit that limits disruption. The reason for that was so that Microsoft Office users would commit more time focused on their work.

Microsoft knowing that they wanted to make this possible developed a domino effect approach that would make it much easier to generate great results using the Microsoft office applications and that gave rise to Microsoft Office 2007. Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft Office 2007is one of the sets of desktop applications and servers as an office suite, and is a new system recently launched by Microsoft Company. The office 20007 contains a number of new features, the most notable of which is the entirely new graphic new interface called the fluent user interface.

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It went in place of the menus as well as toolbars that have been the cornerstone of office since its inception with a tabbed toolbar, known as the ribbon. As a matter of fact, Microsoft Office has made enormous improvements to enhance its features. One of the new main features is the ribbon, this feature consists commands organized into a set of tabs. These tabs make things easier when it comes to using the application features because they categorize the commands in a way that communicates straight to the daily tasks people perform in these applications. Another main new feature is the Microsoft office button.

This button is new and efficient because on the older versions of Microsoft you had to find the tab that said file and search for what commands you wanted. With this new Microsoft button at the click of a button everything you want to accomplish is right there for you, no searching necessary. Two other new features is the gallery and Contextual tabs. The gallery consists of spreadsheets, presentations, documents, or Access databases. In an attempt to appreciate the introduction of Microsoft Office 2007 to me as a user, comparisons will be used between Office 2007 and other Offices before it- Microsoft Office 2003, 2000, 1997 e. . c. most suites or programs of Microsoft Office 2007 allow users to evaluate the product. The trial version of 2007 Microsoft Office system can be installed by using a 25-character trial product key available from Microsoft while you download the free office software and you can use the Microsoft office 2007 programs with full functionality for 60 days. The comparisons will be made in respective of their set of applications such as the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft project, Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Access. Microsoft Office 2007 vs.

Microsoft Office 2003 Firstly, the Office 2007 and Office 2003 will be compared on the basis of Microsoft Office Word. When comparing Microsoft Office Word 2003 and 2007, there are barely many differences between these two applications. The traditional Microsoft Office Word 2003 has a very basic look which is similar to Microsoft Office Word 2000, which a little bit of color changes. There are some major improvements in the Microsoft Office Word 2007 in terms of how the interface’s appears. Word 2007 is now having more colorful interface, and it reorganizes all the little applications.

This takes a while for users to get use to it. Another major change is that Microsoft Office Word 2007 now supports a new document format known as DOCX. However, users can still save in DOC. Format, which will allow the old software to open the documents. Other good features such as live preview, which users can preview the section of the document when picking up a new font for the documents. Other little new features are ribbon, quick access tool bar, title bar, application close button, maximize/ restore button, minimize button. It seems Microsoft Word’s improvements are apparently endless.

For example, from the toolbars located at the top of the Microsoft Office Word window to the professional business templates for documents such as, resumes, and memos. Ms Office PowerPoint 2007 and Ms Office PowerPoint 2003 Microsoft Office Power point 2003 and Microsoft Office Power point 2007 do not have any major difference. The difference is mostly in templates. Users can relatively have more choices of templates in PowerPoint 2007 than PowerPoint 2003, and it also has more effects for the templates. In Office PowerPoint 2007, tabs are designed to be task-oriented, and groups within each tab break a task into subtasks.

Command buttons in each group carry out a command or display a menu of commands. In 2007, Users can also temporarily hide the Ribbon. However, the Microsoft button function is the same as the Microsoft Office word 2007, so as the mini tool bar will appear when working the slides. Tabs will only appears when the users need it them. Also the users can put commands and customize the toolbars. Despite more shapes and more research tool has been implemented into the new 2007, users can also design elements with galleries. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Microsoft Office Excel is a powerful and widely used tool that helps people analyze information to make more informed decisions. Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Excel services, one can have an opportunity to share and manage oneself analysis and insight with co-workers, and partners with grater confidence. Similar to Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Power point, Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and 2007 have very similar functions. In Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Enhancements have been made to the list functionality, which make lists easier to use.

It also added automatic filter and border. When users want to create a list, they just simply highlight the data, and then select Data ; List ; Create List. When users click into the list, they will see the new List toolbar, which will help the users to work with the list. Users can toggle the total row on/off, and use the dropdown menu of functions to choose from in the total row, such as Average, Count, Sum, etc. | | | | Whilst Microsoft office Excel 2007 also has a different ribbon compare to Excel 2003.

There are seven tabs across the top which represent all the core tasks you do in Excel. All the related items have been group together under each tab for convenience of the users. Number three is the command button. It is a box to enter information or a menu. Conclusion Office 2007 may not be right for you, but there is no arguing the fact that it is a huge improvement over previous versions of Microsoft office. This may not hold true for the user interface, but that is simply a matter of preference. I, for one, could not be more satisfied with any of Microsoft’s products.

The changes to the user interface are exactly what I wanted to see. I have always been annoyed with the old menu system and having to navigate through it all only to encounter an enormous dialog box that you have to wade through. The new system is so much more smooth and flowing, and it exposes everything so that there is no navigation or searching required. It is all right there at the click of your mouse. So, the opinion is, Office 2007 is good for users who can put forth enough effort to get used to the user interface, but bad for those who prefer the traditional menus.

I would encourage you to at least give it a try on computers that have it before deciding to buy it or not. If this isn’t possible, you can download a 30-day trial version from Microsoft’s website. Chances are that if Office 2007 isn’t for you, you already know it. The only catch is, if you want to take advantage of all the new features, the ribbon comes with it. No matter what you choose, I hope that you can benefit from and enjoy your choice as much as I enjoy Office 2007. References: Bonfield, B. and Quinn, L. S. Microsoft Office vs. Open Office. Accessed from; http://www. idealware. org/ [Date accessed: 04. 04. 10].


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