Argumentative Essay About Smoking to Be Prohibited in All Restaurants Essay

By July 14, 2017 General Studies

I agree that smoke should be banned in all eating houses. Peoples should non smoke in eating houses because it is inappropriate to smoking while person is seeking to eat a repast. Non tobacco users can inhale the fume and acquire 2nd manus fume which is a wellness hazard. Smoking is already a bad dependence for many people. but it is besides bad for the people that do non smoke. Baning smoke in eating houses has already gone into consequence in many topographic points such as New York City.

We all know that many people smoke presents so it’s merely common to see people smoking everyplace they go. Some tobacco users don’t agree with censoring smoke in eating houses or even bars but they should besides see the wellness of others. They should be considerate of the people who do non smoke and for the people who have lung jobs such as asthma. Many people today are deceasing because of lung malignant neoplastic disease caused by smoking and or 2nd manus fume. Person that smokes knows the hazards of smoke and 2nd manus fume and therefore they should be cognizant who to smoke by and when it is appropriate to smoke and when it is non.

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Baning smoke in eating houses and other public topographic points may sound easy but it is a challenge for some people because they can’t even travel a half hr without holding a coffin nail. Smokers say that they can non halt smoke because they have been making it for old ages and it is an dependence. They besides say that the topographic points where they normally smoke the most at would hold to be in eating houses. bars and nines. They smoke here the most because they spend a twosome of hours in these topographic points. They normally drink. eat. talk to friends. and of class fume while they.


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