Aristotle Paper- Distinguishing the Definition Essay

September 2, 2017 History

“A definition is an history. and every history has parts. and portion of the history stands to portion of the thing in merely the same manner that the whole history stands to the whole thing” ( Aristotle 1034b20-22 ) . This quotation mark is how Aristotle defines a definition. So a definition is the statement of the kernel of something. Specifying something consists of get downing with a genus and so interrupting it down into species. A genus is a sort of a thing.

A species is a more specific sort of something that is within a genus. Aristotle notices that something can non be defined by its stuff constituents because each constituent can boundlessly be broken down into more and more constituents ( Aristotle 1035b9 ) . Aristotle states the example- a circle can non be defined in footings of hemicycles because hemicycles would so hold to be defined by one-fourth circles and so on. but a hemicycle can be defined in footings of a circle because a circle is the simplest ( Aristotle 1035b9 ) .

A genus is differentiated into species by spliting the genus into classs or certain types of the genus. Each of these classs or types within the genus are known as species. A species can besides be a genus in that it excessively can be divided into specific classs or types. Those classs or types are besides known as species. but can besides be genus because they can farther be divided into species. This form can travel on boundlessly.

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A ball is a substance that can be categorized into each scene of drama that a ball is used on. So a ball can be categorized into something that is used to hit on a association football field. football field. baseball field. tennis tribunal. hoops tribunal. pool. and golf class. Each of these Fieldss uses a specific type of ball. A golf class uses a golf ball. The definition of a golf ball is the ball that is used on a golf class. The kernel of a golf ball is a ball.

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