Arnold Palmer Hospital

1. 0 INTRODUCTION Arnold Palmer Hospital is one of the largest hospitals for women and children in the U. S which founded in 1989. Arnold Palmer Hospital was ranked one of the nation’s Top 30 pediatric hospitals for heart care and heart surgery by U. S. News & World Report, in their 2008 edition of America’s Best Children’s Hospitals. Arnold Palmer Hospital is the only hospital in the central area with an emergency/trauma department dedicated to pediatric patients. The hospital’s Congenital Heart Institute (CHI), created by a partnership with Miami Children’s Hospital, is well-known for its pediatric cardiovascular services.

The Congenital Heart Institute combines a select group of cardiologists, cardiac anesthesiologists, cardiovascular, physicians, nurses,intensivists and technicians to diagnosis and offer treatment to infants and children with heart disease or congenital heart disorders. The CHI is the only pediatric cardiology center to offer real time web-based surgical outcome data. From its opening in 1989 to 2006, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children was known as Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children & Women. After the opening of Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, in all women’s services, including delivery were moved to Winnie Palmer Hospital.

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Arnold Palmer Hospital became a children’s hospital focused solely on specialty and subspecialty healthcare for children. The purpose of this assignment is to carry out a case study on Arnold Palmer Hospital Based on the information I search in my assignment. The top management of Arnold Palmer Hospital’s must critically evaluate, develop and justify approach towards enhancing the quality of services, processes and supply chain at Arnold Palmer Hospital. To evaluate the transformations required to enhance Arnold Palmer Hospital’s philosophy of 100% patient satisfaction.



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