Art History Museum Paper Essay

August 6, 2017 History

The Statue of Kaipunesut dates back to the 4th dynasty in the Old Kingdom of Egypt. It was excavated at Saqqara. a huge burial land. This specific piece was located at the mastaba of Kaemheset. which was Kaipunesut’s brother. It was carved out of acacia wood which is a native lumber of Egypt. The native wood did non make the highest criterion of sculpture because it was baffling and hempen which made it hard to utilize. The wood was normally painted with bright colourss ; the organic structure was most likely a reddish/brown colour. Although most of this sculpture was preserved. the pigment wore off long ago. His belt has his name and “Royal Carpenter” inscribed which suggested his business. It is possible that he was involved with doing his ain wooden statues. Sculptures based on royalty was made with difficult rock to last everlastingly while others of less importance were sculpted with assorted stuffs that were non needfully meant to last.

This sculpture is in the unit of ammunition and closed. It has no back remainder or support. There are no infinites in the organic structure and the weaponries are really near to the sides. The airs was really formal with weight put on both legs and confronting a frontal way. The figure is stylized. His face has really big. semicircular eyes and elongated lips. Besides. he has wide shoulders and a really thin waist. His fist besides appears to be really big. His belt and curtain is form suiting but really stiff and does non flux freely. His organic structure is relative and appears to follow a grid. This might be because of the times when the male monarch or Pharaoh demanded flawlessness. The calf is bulky and does non demo definition. The articulatio genus appears slightly organic but is stylized at the same clip. Kaipunesut is in a really stiff standing place. His custodies are clenched and his weaponries are consecutive down on his sides. One of his legs is in forepart of the other and both articulatio genuss are locked. This type of formal airs was really common in sculptures during this clip and went on for a piece afterwards.

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