Art to express their views or that

April 17, 2019 Music

Art has been an integral part of human civilization, although it has been the subject of debate throughout history whether artists should be fully free to express their views or that there must be some limitations. Although without limitations the artists can create a masterpiece that can attract the whole world, it can negatively affect society if it is not socially responsible. In my opinion, artists must be given enough freedom to create instead of the limited freedom to release their thoughts and feelings.

Many creative artists have given us a huge number of important ideas and views in the form of images, music or movies so it is reasonable to assume they contributed to the current state that human civilization has reached. For example, many creative artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo Buonarroti originally designed the planes, but at that time no one could think that the man could fly and everyone treated it as a subject of imagination. Though it took a long time, it became true that man can now fly. This example makes it clear that the work of artists can lead to enormous improvement of humanity. Therefore, many people believe that they need to be free with their work on the progress of man.

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Moreover, creativity is the source of Arts. The development of literature has made quite an appearance through several periods of history. From classical times to romance, from Renaissance to Realism, all styles of literature reflect people’s thinking and are constructive. People would not appreciate the huge variety of poetry and novels and the world would be a monotonous place if there was only one kind of literature.

Nevertheless, not all the good will brings good results. Owning publicity, and drawing the attention of the young minds leads artists to draw and picture women in an immoral way, by publishing vulgar images in magazines. Most of the fashion magazines published around the world are proof of the statement above. In the name of art, the credibility of female life is lost, which also pays the way for many injustices of women in society. Furthermore, total freedom would allow artists to forget the value of art and leads artists to focus on material assets such as money, reputation, and asset accumulation. For the sake of a government, these kinds of people can easily be bought for political reasons turning into marionettes in order to portray unethical plans in newspapers and magazines.

To sum up, although total freedom may have some negative effects on artists, causing them not to behave properly, it can be rather beneficial as far as creativity and improvement of humanity are concerned. In my view, freedom should be given to them due to the inspiration artists get in order to create Art.


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