“Art upsets, science reassure

December 28, 2016 Law

“Art upsets, science reassures” (Braque) Analyze and evaluate this claim.

Although both science and art reassures reality of the world; science reassures the “reality” of the natural world organized rationally through our perception, whereas art reassures the “reality” of our inner experience as human organized in a way that we can communicate it to others. However, since these two areas of study organize different pursuit of truth (where art organize human-ness truth while science organize truth of the natural world), they tend to upset the reality of one and another. .

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The quote, “Art upsets, science reassures” conveys how science serves to reify nature, while art fails and upsets the natural science. Often we find it hard to find answers through art and instead we are presented with questions, which explores the purpose and the significance of being alive and being human. However, science attempts to explain and verify the natural processes that we frequently witness in our daily lives. For instance if an object is thrown upwards it will return to the ground in mater of seconds. Though, science seeks reasons “why” the object is attracted to the ground through various experimentations. Once a reason is established through the experiments, a theory is produced which could be applied to any similar cases. The comfort that we find in science suggested by Braque’s quote is the fact that we can apply one law to many different situations. Therefore through this we can predict the process of nature, making humans feel more in power, even making as feel secure in our environment. Today our understanding of science has come to such an extent, that we can predict the weather, verifying where and when a tornado is going to hit a particular place. This gives us chance to perform precautions against the hazard, reducing potential damages. Thus a natural process, which caused thousands of death in the past, can be reduced through science, which “reassures” our safety to a greater extent.


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