Artemis Fowl The Eternity Code

January 18, 2017 Medical

This book takes place in Ireland and various other countries in the present time. Artemis Fowl creates a device called the C-Cube. It is made from stolen fairy technology. When Artemis goes to make a deal with the shady Jon Spiro he gives a demonstration of what it can do. He does a search for satellites in the area and it picks up the fairy satellites. The people think they are in danger and shut down all power. They send Holly to investigate. The C-Cube is stolen from him and Butler is mortally injured. Every guest in the restaurant ambushes Butler and Artemis. Butler detonates a sound grenade and “everyone” is knocked unconscious. Butler leaves Artemis” side and Jon Spiro’s bodyguard, Arno Blunt, gets up and points a gun at Artemis and tries to shoot him. Butler rushes to protect Artemis and dives in front of the bullet. It lands right under his heart. Butler quick takes a shot and shaves Arno’s temple. Butler immediately “dies.” Artemis quickly decides to put him in the freezer for a temporary cryogenics freezer. Cryogenics supposedly lets your body dead until a sufficient medical cure is found, then you can be revived. Artemis later goes to the cryogenics lab and gets a mobile freezer. He gets Butler from the freezer in the restaurant and puts him in the cryogenics car. He makes a phone call in the cryogenics lab. He says a lot of fairy related words and just as he suspected, Holly came. She asks what happened and Artemis told her that Butler was injured. She uses her magic to heal Butler. Butler is healed but not yet conscious, he has also aged by fifteen years. Holly takes both Artemis and Butler back to Artemis’s mansion. Jon Spiro calls Artemis to come to the Spiro needle to give the code to unlock the full potential of the C-Cube. Artemis goes and devises a plan to get the C-Cube. He is practically given a tour of the vault. It has an iris scanner, a finger scanner and a voice recorded lock.


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