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This article is about the growing retails gross revenues and the diminution of auto gross revenues and luxury goods in Singapore. The Singaporean Department of Statistics reveals that retail gross revenues have increased well. This economic tendency has been acerbated by the tight labour market that has well supported the ingestion of day-to-day basic and household public-service corporations. The tight economic state of affairs has led many people to shy away from buying luxury goods and alternatively concentrated on retail merchandises. This diminution is besides associated with the diminution in tourer which has fallen and affected the sale of epicurean merchandises like tickers and jewelleries. However, there has been an addition in the gross revenues of telecommunication and computing machine accoutrements such as iPhone 5 and IT route show Comex. The economic sciences study besides shows that the gross revenues of supermarket merchandises, nutrient and drinks, fast nutrients and recreational installations have besides grown. Apparently, the bead in the epicurean goods and autos are as a consequence of tight labour markets, unfavourable base effects and lagged effects from the stock market.


The intent of this assignment is to analyse the newspaper article by Nisha Ramchandani, which requires the writer to place the linkage between the economic theoretical accounts and construct. This article highlights the economic tendency in Singapore demoing the worsening gross revenues of luxury goods compared to the nutrient, drinks, families and IT/Telecommunications accoutrements that has increased. Singapore is one of the fastest economic systems in the universe due to its free market economic system that is extremely developed and favours concern environment. Its economic system has been fueled by exports in the countries of services, chemicals and electronics. However, the Singapore relies mostly of offshore plans to provide it with human resources. It is estimated that foreign workers constitutes of approximately 27 % of the state ‘s work force. It is one of the full states in the universe that has managed to prolong its full employment, with unemployment staying really low ( Ministry of Manpower, 2012 ) . Judging from article, the rise of retail gross revenues of domestic ingestion and diminution in luxury goods has been caused by the undermentioned factors ;

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First ; tight labour market: Tight labour market refers to the instance whereby at that place more occupations than people or more people than occupations. Just it is with the jurisprudence of supply and demand, when there are more people than occupations so the employers would pay more rewards. Similarly, when there are more people than occupations so the cost of labour would worsen because the company can take what they want. The jurisprudence of supply and demand dictates that there when there is more demand than supply so the monetary value frequently increases, and when there is more supply than demand so provide diminish The same jurisprudence of demand besides states that when the monetary value of merchandises the measure demands frequently falls ( Arnold, 2010 ) . The newspaper article shows that there is weak demand for gems and tickers / luxury goods, while nutrient ingestion has gone up compared to luxury goods.

In Singapore the demand for low skilled labour force has fallen and the rewards has non dropped. The research shows that employment is up and workers ‘ net incomes have increased, impacting the state ‘s economic growing and labour productiveness which has continued to decelerate down. The industrial sectors have experienced employment growing are fabricating, building and services ( Ministry of Man Power, 2011 ) . The diminution in the export has contributed the state ‘s economic decelerate down and opened up a argument. There is presently tonss of argument refering the inflow of low skilled foreign labour force who are seen as doing strain on the states societal public assistance and economic resources. The aliens are besides accused of doing overcrowding of adjustment and conveyance system that has besides given rise to belongings monetary values, low rewards and unemployment. In response the authorities has limited the flow of foreign labourer to those who extremely educated and are good paid for their proficient expertness and leading in pioneering of new industries. The logic behind such attacks it to reconstitute the economic system from foreign dependant to locally dependent labour force ( Sayed, 2012 ) . This structuring of the economic relates to financial policy whereby the authorities plays an upper manus.

Second ; Fiscal policy. Singapore is one of four tiger states in Asia that besides includes South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong with a dynamic and stable economic system which has been transformed since the mid 1960, mostly based on service and fabrication industries and export trade. The undermentioned graph shows the rate of per capita GNP growing from 1960 to 1997 ( Gross, 1999 ) .

The Singaporean economic growing has been accelerated by “ inward investing in the last three decennaries particularly from the transnational corporations ( MNCs ) ” ( Sung, 2006 p.2 ) . The other lending factors includes “ the nature of worker engagement, the sustained procedure of skilling and re-skilling, and most significantly the interaction between the workers and the developmental province attack adopted by the Singapore Government ( Sung, 2006.p.2 ) . This indicates that financial policy plays an of import function in the economic development of any given state ; in Singapore it has performed miracles. Fiscal policy usually deals with the systems and structures that the authorities has put in topographic point sing the aggregation of grosss and outgos, revenue enhancement, control of the rising prices, decrease of unemployment degrees, societal public assistance and enlargement of economic growing. Its chief aims is to do certain that there is a suited monetary value stableness, forms of consumer ingestion is non interfered with but can be influenced, redistribute the income and speed uping the economic development ( Cottarelli & A ; Jarmillo, 2012 ) . In Singapore, Fiscal policies has modeled investing outgos and opened up the economic which in return has attracted tonss of foreign investings, therefore lending to sustainable economic growing ( Sung, 2006 ) . However, this growing late been affected the recent economic slack and stagnancy in the South East Asiatic part that has contributed to many concerns traveling insolvent. Nevertheless, Singapore has avoided recent recession despite of the slow growing that is being experienced in other parts of Asian affected by to decrease in exports to other parts of the universe like the US, China and Europe ( BBC News, 2012 ) .

Third ; Monetary policy. Fiscal policies besides do impact the pecuniary constructions and systems of any given state ( Dahan, 1998 ) and this is what happened in Singapore. Here the authorities through Monetary Authority of Singapore decided to fasten its pecuniary policy to beef up the Singaporean Dollar against the US Dolllar. The strong Singaporean Dollar has affected the concerns community in Singapore doing it expensive for the concerns to export their merchandises overseas. The Monetary Authority of Singapore has continued to keep its policy of leting the gradual grasp of its currency ( BBC, 2012 ) . Abeysinghe & A ; Choy, ( 2007. p. 2 ) , asserts that since 1981 MAS has adopted the “ policy of aiming the exchange rate as the most efficacious manner of keeping monetary value stableness ” . Dahan ( 1998, p. 3 ) argues that although tight pecuniary policy can be used as short term solution to “ command rising prices and contribute to fiscal stableness ” , it may hold long term effects. Some of the long term effects include the enlargement of authorities budget shortage, higher involvement rate, debt and sterilisation ( Dahan, 1998, p.3 ) . The current pecuniary policy adopted by the Singaporean has contributed to the diminution of luxury goods. This is why there are those people who are reasoning that the Singaporean authorities should loosen the tight pecuniary and let the depreciation of the Singaporean Dollar. This attack will let the local concerns to export their merchandises and services and besides let more visitants to come to Singapore and put more ( Sayed, 2012 ) .


This paper has attempted to analyse the newspaper article about the growing of gross revenues and diminution of auto gross revenues and luxury goods in Singapore in recent months. The writer has found out that there is a strong nexus between financial policies and pecuniary policies as well rising prices which affected the client behaviour in Singapore. The demand for low skilled occupations from aliens has forced the authorities to present tight migration regulations and besides tightened the labour market. These financial policies have continued to prefer the domestic ingestions tendencies in footings of nutrient and telecommunication accoutrements. The writer has therefore identified that there is a strong correlativity between financial and pecuniary policies such as tight labour market with the current consumer disbursement in Singapore.

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