As a first-year pharmacy student

By February 6, 2019 General Studies

As a first-year pharmacy student, I was provided a chance to have a community pharmacy placement in the first semester of the course. At first, I found this inspiring as I was thinking about why I was doing the placement, but later on, I found that it is a great chance to know more about being a pharmacist working in a community pharmacy. I have visited “Boots Pharmacy” in Ribbleton. At first, I was having difficulty in reaching the pharmacy which made me quite worried about not reaching in time but luckily I found someone to help.

During my placement, I realized that I have learned a lot about working in a community pharmacy and more about dealing with people and drugs and I felt as I am one of the pharmacist team. It was a nice experiment for me to be knowing the profession “pharmacist”, the role of the community pharmacist, services offered by the pharmacy, the different types of drugs, disposal of medicines, different tasks that are done by a pharmacist and different types of prescriptions. The pharmacists were very lovely and friendly. They provided me with a lot of information and explained me more about what is being a pharmacist, different works that should be done by a pharmacist and information related to drugs as dispensing and storing in addition to the references sources and the use of it in the pharmacy. This placement gave me a chance to see how pharmacists work as a team and how they deal with people. Moreover, get acquainted with different types of prescriptions, drugs, and processes involved in taking medicines for disposal.

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I felt that it was really exciting and useful experiment. I have finished the placement and gained a useful and valuable information which will help me in my future career.


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