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February 28, 2019 Human Resources

As with any organisation the Human Resource Department plays an instrumental role in the success of the Coca-Cola Company. The Human resource department is responsible for providing an employee oriented, productive workplace which engages its employees. The Human Resource department monitors the culture of the organisation and the talent management process. The Human resource department leads the way in management development, succession planning, career paths and other areas of talent management. Human Resource is heavily dependent on management and executive staff to help plan and execute its strategies. While bringing new ideas effective practices into the organization.
The human resource department is responsible for the overall recruitment of a workforce, this department must provide support to hiring managers who are responsible for recruiting a superior workforce. By the development of a systematic hiring process, recruitment planning processes, interview expertise, selection monitoring. It is important to that HR recommends market-based salaries and develop an overall strategic compensation plan. Human resource implements employee benefits that not only attracts employees but also retain the best.
HR is responsible for recommending and instituting strategies for people and the organization that further the attainment of the organization’s strategic goals. If your organization is changing direction, developing new products, changing mission, vision, or goals, HR must lead the way with employee programs and processes. HR advocates for employees who have issues or conflict with management and coaches managers and executives who seek a more effective approach to working with particular employees.
In examining theories, the contingency theory is applied at the Coca-Cola Company. This is evident in the way the organisation is lead, there no one best way. Contingency approaches most of which are examined in this paper.
Strategic human resource planning
Human resource planning helps the organisation meet its objectives through analysis and the identification through processes. Human resource planning will significantly reduce the time between recognition of job requirement and filling said position with a qualified person.
Hiring is an important part of human resource planning as it provides a path to bringing new employees and choosing employees who best match the company’s culture and requirements. Human resource planning can be vied as a strategic operational process. Today focus has shifted from the traditional hiring and staffing towards forecasting and succession planning which will in turn impact the success of business operations.
By implementing a human resource plan one can see reduction in employee turnover by keeping employees satisfied with their career opportunities within the company. Strategic human resource planning involves close working relationship between the line managers and the human resource department.
SHRM can be defined as a deliberate attempt of HR deployment to empower the organization to meet organizational goals, objectives and consistencies. Succession planning plays an important role in strategic alignment if HRP. Through succession planning organisations recruit skilled employees, develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities further, and prepare them for advancement or promotion into ever more challenging roles. This process ensures that employees are constantly developed fill each needed role. So, that a talent pipeline is maintained.
The value of human resource are sometimes overlooked in the workplace however without contributions in the above, the organisation will be less successful. In looking at strategic planning one can say that is where the organisations long term objective are determined and establishing the goals to achieve them. Both current and anticipated conditions that may affect the organisation ability to achieve its mission are determined.
The HR function intersects and affects the other business functions in the following areas:
? Performance management;
? Employment law compliance;
? Compensation and benefits; and
? Safety and security
It is therefore highly important for the human resource strategy be aligned with organisational mission. By aligning the strategies the human resource department are required to analyse the organisations business strategy, evaluate current conditions, plan and implement the human resource strategy, do an analysis and evaluation of results and adjust where necessary. It can therefore be noted that communication must be key between the human resources team and the leaders.


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