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February 28, 2019 Finances

As Oxfam is in the public sector, their long-term aims are to provide a high-quality service the public and to also to keep their costs low as they are a not-for-profit business.
As Oxfam mainly deal with the public with their day to day operations, they want to provide the best, high quality service they can offer so they can keep receiving donations so they can reach their goals. Without providing the good quality service they aim for, they won’t be able to achieve anything.
Even though Oxfam are a not-for-profit business they still have costs, e.g. tax and resources. If their costs got to high they would not be able to operate efficiently and would suffer to reach their goals.
Objectives for 2019 are for more of the people in the developing world will:
1. Increase their voice by understanding and being better able to exercise their rights to organize, to information, to public participation and to equal justice
2. see more responsiveness from governments and private sector to their interests; and increase their influence and benefit from the policies and legislation of governments on resource allocation, and the policies and practices of the private sector;
3. benefit from increasingly accountable and transparent governments and private sector because they are better able to demand transparency, fulfilment of pro-poor promises and respect for citizens’ rights and the rule of law
4. more citizens will contribute to overcoming poverty and injustice through personal choices as consumers (through for example purchasing Fair Trade products), acting in solidarity with poor and marginalized people and influencing governments and business as active global citizens
The business is successful for many years because of this and raises on average £409m according to the BBC, last year. One way that makes the business very successful is that the CEO has been very educated and studied at Oxford and had graduated with the highest level of education. This puts Oxfam at a good edge as they have someone that is controlling in which knows what to do and help the poor. The CEO had also volunteered in many different charities and almost magpied the successful parts of the company, and added it to Oxfam. The fact that the CEO has appointed very well-educated people to take care of all the admin and the finances, shows that there is a small chance of something going wrong and increases the business’s success as the people that are controlling the workforce know what they are doing and are professionals at it. As everything is done right, the price it comes at is just the salary they need to pay the workers that are high in the hierarchical structure as the people at the bottom are volunteers and are purely doing it because they are passionate about it, not for the money, which is a bonus as the money can then be reinvested and given to the poor people and help make the world a better place (mission statement).


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