`As I lay Dying` by Faulkner and `Long Day’s Journey into Night` by O’Neill Essay

September 7, 2017 General Studies

Family. the most of import societal unit. influences the ideas and behaviour of its members. When the members of a household are able to bond with each other and portion their inner most feelings. it has a positive impact on the character and attitudes of the household members. But if the household members are alienated and isolated from each other. so it consequences in solitariness and sorrow for the household. The fresh “As I Lay Dying” by William Faulkner and the drama “Long Day’s Journey into Night” by Eugene O’Neill depicts households that are covering with disaffection and solitariness.

In the fresh “As I Lay Dying” . the members in the Bundren household react in different ways to the decease of Addie Bundren. the female parent. The ideas and the positions of the Bundren household members point towards their isolation from each other. The drama “Long Day’s Journey into Night” focuses on the Tyrone household and the isolation of the household members from each other. As I Lay Diing In the fresh “As I Lay Dying” . the writer brings forth the positions of the Bundren household members sing each other. The female parent in the household. Addie Bundren is on the brink of her decease.

Although Addie Bundren is the female parent of Cash. Darl. Jewel. Dewey Dell. and Vardaman. it is Jewel that she loves the most. Addie Bundren is taking her marital life with Anse Bundren but she ne’er genuinely loved him. Unsatisfied by her matrimony. she gets involved into an adulterous matter with her sermonizer. Reverend Whitfield. Jewel was the kid. born out of this illicit relation. and so Addie showered more love and fondness on Jewel than the other kids. As Cash was Addie’s first kid. she loves him excessively whereas she shows no fondness towards her other kids.

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Addie’s unhappy matrimony influences her behavior towards her kids. Addie herself is cognizant of her isolation from her kids and her hubby. She struggles to get by with her isolation. and at times attempts to do others experience of her presence. Bing a school instructor. Addie beats her pupils to do them recognize about her influence in their lives. “I would believe with each blow of the switch: Now you are cognizant of me! Now I am something in your secret and selfish life. who have marked your blood with my ain for of all time and of all time. ” ( Faulkner 170 ) .

After Addie’s decease. the disaffection and solitariness of the Bundren household is more apparent. as each member reacts to the decease in a different manner. The household members are more concerned about their single jobs and struggles than the decease of Addie. “In As I Lay Diing. the assorted members of the Bundren household. are driven by conflicting involvements and oppressive secrets that necessarily set them apart from one another. ” ( Cavallaro 35 ) . Alternatively of believing approximately themselves as a portion of the household. the Bundren members are in chase of their personal purposes.

Long Day’s Journey into Night The drama “Long Day’s Journey into Night” depicts the Tyrone household and the struggles happening among its household members. The female parent in the household. Mary is addicted to morphine and the male parent and the two boies in the household are alkies. When the drama opens. Mary has returned from a sanatarium where she was treated for her dependence. The youngest boy in the household. Edmund is enduring from TB. As the drama progresses. the household comes to cognize about Edmund’s disease and the fact that Mary has non yet succeeded in giving up her dependence.

This leads to struggles between the household members and brings about disaffection among the Tyrone household members. The behaviour of Tyrone is besides one of the grounds which alienate the household members from one another. Tyrone is a economical individual who is careful about the manner he spends his money. In the drama there are many cases which point towards his frugalness. He ever insists on exchanging off the visible radiations in the dark. “There is no ground to hold the house ablaze with electricity at this clip of dark. firing up money!

” ( O’Neil 126 ) . The other household members blame his frugalness as the ground for Mary’s status. Mary is unable to link with her household members. owing to her guilt. Tyrone is holding strained dealingss with his boy. As all the household members are fighting with their dependences and jobs. they are incapable to bond with each other. “In O’Neil. characters are locked into their histories. unwilling or unable to force their freedom and duty. with atrocious effects. ” ( Cotkin 23 ) .

The Tyrone household members fail to place themselves with their household. Their single struggles and jobs cause the isolation among the household members. Conclusion Both the households in the narratives “As I Lay Dying” by William Faulkner and “Long Day’s Journey into Night” by Eugene O’Neill depict households which are fighting with disaffection and isolation. The members of the Bundren household in the fresh “As I Lay Dying” are so engaged in their personal jobs that they fail to link with each other.

Similarly. the Tyrone household members in the drama “Long Day’s Journey into Night” are in struggle with each other. owing to assorted grounds. taking to disaffection and solitariness. Works Cited Cavallaro. Dani. The Gothic Vision: Three Centuries of Horror. Panic and Fear. Continuum International Publishing Group. 2002. Cotkin. George. Existential America. JHU Press. 2005. Faulkner. William. As I Lay Diing: The Corrected Text. Vintage Books. 1990. O’Neill. Eugene. Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Yale University Press. 1956.


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