By February 12, 2019 General Studies

as statements that individuals have choices of believing or not believing accepting or not accepting. People thus express themselves in realist terms with an understanding that those listening could either agree or disagree with the sentiments being put across. The listeners also understand that the peo ple talking to them are just expressing themselves using words that co uld be beloved or not. Both parties thus work from same perspective e and reach agreements regarding the topic in question. Realist s use propositions to illustrate how things are or ought to be v iewpoints being expressed could be right or wrong. It is however up to the people Y, [email protected] x [email protected] CjWOsx_8snt7/asOsV/xOLs2sB2YCDtf(Fr ka37ASA,/[email protected] /3ANQxDSTdotStstDK1fA qcP Dt H(NiY ibya5HZq_uu_
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