As the face we went to Walmart

April 19, 2019 General Studies

As you can see from this title it was officially winter. The winter wars were here. What is a winter war you may asked? It was something we created last year. We would go the bayou with our paintball gun that we had found in an abandon house. Don’t ask why thought. We would have a hunt each other. To see who knew the bayou the most. We only had the paint ball guns but no protection for our body which was terrible. We had to improvise some way to protect our self from getting hurt. We used some aluminum frame and we sew it to our clothes. For the face we went to Walmart brought some masks from toy department. For the millions around the world watching in their homes. The moment everyone has been waiting. It was everyone for them self. We begin by giving our self 2 minute to hide and find a spot. I was sprinting fast finding an area in the bayou. The first 5 minutes I had camp to see my surrounding. I quickly and quietly move to north of the bayou. I find myself a tree and I climb up to get a bird eye view. When I reach the top, I saw Marcus walking from 40 meters away from where I was at. So I took the shot but paintball did not reach him but it only made him run away. Then I hear shooting and so I ran to get close to the cross fire. No recognized that I was in the area. I pulled out my phone and record it. It was a battle I saw that day.


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