As You Like It By William Shakespeare Essay

August 31, 2017 General Studies

1. As you like it is full of characters feigning to be person other than themselves. To what grade are the characters aware that they are role-playing? Does their playing have serious effects. or is it simply a game. In the text as you like it by William Shakespeare many characters have alter self-importances in whom they use to influence and associate themselves with other characters. The two chief characters that are feigning to be person other than themselves are Celia and Rosalind. In act 1 of the text Rosalind is banished from the tribunal of the duke and decides to seek upon her male parent in the wood of Arden.

Rosalind and Celia decide to mask themselves. Celia as a state miss named Aliena and Rosalind as a immature adult male named Ganymede. Rosalind and Celia are incognizant of the effects that occur from holding camouflages. A effect of Rosalind’s male camouflage as Ganymede is that she makes Phebe. a female shepherdess in the wood of Arden autumn in love with her. This disturbs the natural order in which Phebe is in love with a fellow shepherd Silvius. Rosalind’s gender swapping has created a effect in she has made a adult female autumn in love with her when she is in love with Orlando.

In the terminal Phebe goes back to Silvius and the effect of Rosalind’s role-playing is resolved. The role-playing in the text does hold effects on the other characters but Rosalind does stop up get marrieding Orlando. Celia ends up get marrieding Oliver and Phebe ends up get marrieding Silvius. So the long-run effects of Celia and Rosalind’s role-playing are miniscule merely doing the text more intricate and interesting for readers. In decision although characters in the text as you like it do feign to be person else. the effects add to detail in the text and have have no serious effects.

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