Assessment methods, their merits and demerits Essay

August 7, 2017 Communication

Chiefly. three types of appraisals are in pattern. initial. formative and summational appraisal. Initial appraisal can be a formal or informal procedure of placing each learner’s strengths and assist them to understand their countries of development. and the puting action program consequently. In formative appraisal. instructor or assessor proctor pupils larning public presentation during the learning clip against a set standard. Students fighting countries are identified by feedback records and action program for instructors to follow learning schemes and pupil to actuate for more survey is adjusted. In Summational appraisal. teacher evaluates the learner’s public presentation at the terminal of an instructional unit by comparing it against a criterion and other students’ public presentation. Summational appraisals are high bets or high point values and include:

a ) Written exams
B ) Quizzes
degree Celsius ) Dissertations and undertakings
vitamin D ) Alternatively of comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these assessment types. I would prefer to discourse assessment instruments I used in these appraisals and speak about their virtues and demerits.

Assessment typeStrengthLimitations
1. Written tests
1. Good tool to measure students’ cognition without thinking.
2. It forces pupil to believe and joint that thought.
3. Take less clip to make trial as compared to MCQ where assessor has to do more picks and pupil will take one.
4. Teacher can supply better feedback on replies.
1. These trials needs linguistic communication accomplishments with and ESL pupils can’t show their capablenesss.
2. These trials are clip bounds and a slow authorship pupil may non able to demo his full cognition.
3. Performance in these trial based on memorising facts alternatively of demoing creativeness.

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Assessment typeStrengthLimitations

2. Oral Exams1. This format decreases miscommunication and misconstruing while oppugning or replying.
2. Student doesn’t need to follow any set lines for reply.
3. Give more opportunities to examiner to inquire how pupil came to this reply.
4. More assessors can take portion in this format.

5. More countries can be covered in less clip. 1. Could be biased and less just consequence oriented. 2. Requires a trained tester to put such format which cost more. 3. Diffident pupils can be distracted by other factors and c hey may non give their fullest.

Assessment typeStrengthLimitations
3. Portfolios1. Assess and advance critical thought.
2. Give chance scholar to be autonomous. active. equal -supported and independent.
3. More than one assessor validates the public presentation.
4. Promotes creativeness and job resolution
5. can be used to measure professional and personal development. 1. Difficult to place whether this is student’s ain attempt or person else’s. 2. Involve big sum of paper work which gives less clip to concentrate on class. 3. Reliability issues.

4. Student can easy conceal their failings in this type of appraisal.

Assessment typeStrengthLimitations

4. Undertakings and dissertations1. All unit of ammunition ability proving i. e practical. analytical and interpretive accomplishments. 2. Teaches pupils clip direction and if in group so teaches leading and squad work accomplishments. 3. Increase motive to finish undertaking rapidly and in clip. 1. Making of such format appraisal is feverish and clip consuming. 2. Cogency and dependability of appraisal is non high as compared to other formats. 3. If resources non available to larning. public presentation will be compromised.

In my instruction calling. I have gone through all above mentioned appraisal tools and found written tests are widely used in many parts of universe. Peoples love written tests because they pile up work and when test is near. they memorize it and ready for test. no originative work during the term merely roll uping the notes. Trend is somewhat altering in the universe and other appraisal tools are in pattern. largely university are measuring classs by assignments. undertaking and thesiss and these formats require uninterrupted survey and work that’s develop pupils other accomplishments along with the completion of these undertakings.


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