Assigning Fault for Slavery

January 5, 2017 General Studies

To designate responsibility for the growth of slavery in the American colonies at first appears to be a difficult task. With many imposing forces, the blame shifts from one to the other in an endless cycle. One can start by arguing that if the leaders of Africa failed to imprison and then sell innocent victims that slavery itself wouldn’t have evolved in the Americas. However, slavery existed long before in the times of Christ, so the Europeans would have surely found some others to perform the labor their economy needed. In fact, during early settlement Native Americans were used as slaves as well. So, one then must assess the British Royal African Company’s involvement in North American slavery. In my eyes, this company merely did the dirty work for the colonists. The slave trade was simply the response to an excessive demand in the New World due to a thriving economy. To me it’s quite simple, the party that is responsible for the growth of slavery in the American colonies is the colonists themselves. By the turn of the century, new laws had been put into place which stated that the children born of African decent in this new country of would also be predestined to be slaves their whole lives as well. As the slaves began to successfully procreate, the demand for slaves from African slowed. However, the establishment of slavery by this time was well underway due to the desire for riches and freedom by the colonists. It’s very ironic to think that in order to achieve freedom, one felt as if they must enslave another.


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