Assignment: Limited Collective Bargaining

October 9, 2018 Cultural

1. What major events in Canada’s labour relations history got Phil to the point in which he could lawfully organize a union, have it certified, and negotiate a collective agreement with the company? (10 marks) Nine Hour Movement in 1872 introduced legislation gave workers right to organize legally Winnipeg General Strike resulted in limited collective bargaining rights In 1935 the Wagner Act influenced Canadian provinces to adopt similar wording in their labour codes as it relates to encouraging working initiatives in exchange for increased productivity to reduce conflict & strike action

2. What strategies can Phil use to increase his chances of success in organizing a union within this company? (10 marks) Hire a woman who may speak their native language as a liaison to assist him in this strategy by way of communication, breaking down cultural barriers as well as explanation of legislative terminology Provide a female mentor(s) from a successful union Phil organized to coach employees, take them thru the certification and collective bargaining process and continue to mentor them going forward

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3. What barriers will Phil face in his attempt to attract these workers to the union, and what arguments will he use to try to convince them to join? (10 marks)

BarrierArgument to Join
-fear of losing job-increase in job security
-wanting to fit in-increase in collective power
-employees who want to be part of mgmt-ability to review mgmt decisions via 3rd party -cultural limitations, women don’t organize -as a female collective in a country which supports equality, this is an opportunity to increase self-worth & empower women

4. What specific arguments would the company want to try to use to convince employees not to join? (10 marks)

They could highlight how a union may actually ‘harm’ the company by way of indicating that the employees would have lower wages since they’ll have to pay into union dues. They may lose any individual decision-making as well as a loss of individual representation. They may also argue that if the union decides to strike, that they would lose wages. They could try to instill fear into the employees by ‘reminding’ them that they are new to Canada and as a woman it may be harder to find a job if the skill level is low and their English is not fluent.


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