Associazione Calcio Milan

By May 31, 2018 General Studies

Associazione Calcio Milan, more popularly known as A.C. Milan, was originally formed in the year 1899. It is one of the richest clubs and most prestigious clubs in Italy also well known for the quality football they play. A.C. Milan has won 18 trophies including seven Champions League titles, five UEFA Super Cups, three Intercontinental Cups, two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups and one Club World Cup. It does not end there for the AC Milan has also been champion in the National level 17 times. (Vallée, 2010)

On the 2nd of June, 2010, AC Milan was up against Montreal Impact at the Olympic Stadium. The teams were equally excited at the historic game that they were facing and both thought that the game will be a historic event. Indeed, it was. With 47,861 spectators in the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, it was a bomb for AC Milan to win 4-1 against Montreal Impact. (Vallée, 2010)

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The scoreboard was opened by AC Milan on the twelfth minute when Ronaldinho centered the ball for Seedorf who fortunately crossed to Pato safe on the right side pulling a clean score up against Impact’s Matt Jordan. The score was tied on the seventeenth minute by David Testo.

On the twenty-fifth minute the score was already 2-1 in favor of AC Milan with the efforts of Ronaldinho, Seedorf and Filippo Inzaghi. Ronaldinho scored the winning goal at the 81st minute against Montreal Impact goalkeeper Srdjan Dkekanovicswitch. (Vallée, 2010)

The game was an over-all success and was fairly played by both teams. “Tonight’s game was an excellent experience for the club, the players and the city of Montreal,” Marc Dos Santos, Montreal Impact’s coach said. In the same way, AC Milan was glad about the great welcome they received from their host. (Vallée, 2010)


Vallée, P. (2010, June 02). AC MILAN 4 IMPACT 1. Retrieved June 03, 2010, from Montreal Impact:;ArticleID=1399;Focus=0



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