At that the Titanic is “Unsinkable”, however

At the start of ‘An Inspector Calls’, Priestly presents Mr Birling as a character who likes to show off his status and his glory. He is a “Hard-headed Businessman” and is an active family member. He shows off his status by talking about his success maybe leading to “a possible knighthood”. He is presented as an arrogant character due to his long speeches about things that weren’t true. For example, he believes that the war will never happen. This is suggested in the quote “Silly little war”. This also implies that he believes the war is some sort of joke. He also claims that the Titanic is “Unsinkable”, however now in the future we can claim that this was not true.

Mr Birling, being the business man he is, he is only focused on making money through his business ‘Birling and Co’. This leads him to become greedy and starts progressively become more and more focused on his business. This is shown when everyone is sitting around the table, while Mr Birling and Gerald are talking business. Mr Birling then quotes “We may look forward to the time when Crofts and Birlings are no longer competition but are working together – for lower costs and higher prices!”. This proves that Mr Birling he is a Money-Craving Capitalist by using the celebration of his own daughter’s engagement as a chance to promote his business.

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