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April 21, 2019 Marketing

At first the article from The Onion announcing new MagnaSoles inserts may seem to be simply explaining a new product out on the market. However, closer analysis of it reveals that it’s actually making fun of the techniques marketers use to sell their products. The piece uses subtle jokes and humorous quotes from uses of the product to effectively satirize the way in which products are presented to customers.
The piece uses a direct quote from a user of MagnaSoles make fun of and highlight the fact that doctors use a lot of names and “customer testimonies” as evidence to make consumers believe that what they’re buying is very popular so it must work. The quote came from someone with back pain, who describes the product as being “clearly endorse by an intelligent looking man in a white lab coat.” This is another strategy in marketing in which they like to use very credible and official looking doctors/scientists to help promote their product. The author also states that MagnaSoles use “no fewer than five forms of pseudoscience” to dramatize how doctors and scientist always exaggerate the quality of a product by claiming that it’s innovative with the amount of technology used.
The article utilizes a lot of subtle puns and satirical points to really enhance the piece. One example would be the author declaring that “MagnaSoles go several steps further” than other insoles. This is an expected achievement and use of the product and this highlights how companies in the media praise their products for doing its actual purpose. It also calls a report on MagnaSoles “scientific-sounding literature,” joshing at the “semi-plausible medical technique” of reflexology. These very subtly hidden puns give the entire place a lighthearted and satiric tone that causes the reader to chuckle at how ridiculous the whole thing is.
The article also discusses terrarometry, discovered by Dr. Wayne Frankel (who also created kilofrankel, the Earth’s vibrational rate) claims “if the frequency of one’s foot is out of alignment with the Earth, the entire body will suffer.”
The article from the Onion was used to create a funny portrayal of modern marketing techniques satirizing of a new fictional product called MagnaSoles. Some of the techniques used in the paper was getting a consumer testimonies from a user, explaining their wordy and exaggerated scientific processes and techniques to help validate their products to their consumers, and dramatizing their achievements even though the bare minimum was done.


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