ATA Steel Organisational Culture Essay Sample

August 6, 2017 Management

ata Steel Limited was founded in 1907 by Dorabji Tata. It was once known as Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited ( TISCO ) . It’s a Multinational MNC with a geocentric attitude with primary focal point on utilizing the best attacks and conveying in qualified people from all across the universe. It has operations in 26 states and markets in over 50 states with over 80. 000 employees.

It is the 12th largest steel bring forthing company in the universe ( 2012 ) .

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It was ranked 471st in the 2013 Fortune Global 500 ranking of the world’s biggest corporations.

Organizational Culture

Innovating Culture: TATA Steel Fosters a civilization of invention and uninterrupted betterment. It launched ‘Steel Junction’ in 2005. which was India’s foremost organized retail shop for steel merchandises.

Particular type of steel for North-East Indian provinces which are more prone to Earthquakes.

Tata Steel’s R & A ; D attempts focal point on discovery engineerings ( through its engagement in the ULCOS undertaking ) and Raw Material

mineral extraction to consequence decreases in nursery gas emanations.

Organizational Culture

Team Orientation: Through Enterprises like ‘Manthan Ab Shop-floor Se’ & A ; T. A. S. they promote sharing of cognition & A ; leading accomplishments to their employees.

Peoples Orientation: ‘People are our greatest plus. ’ The employee battle patterns. installations and benefits are aligned towards guaranting the satisfaction & A ; keeping of employees.

The Tata Steel Management Development Centre ( TMDC ) creates
managerial and functional preparation chances for all officers of Tata Steel India.

Divers Culture. The company promotes a diverse working
environment to heighten employee morale and besides to advance
originative thought.

Approach to Globalisation

In 1990. it started enlargement program and established its first foreign subordinate Tata Inc. in New York.

Since 2004. the Company has expanded globally. geting Asiatic steel manufacturers NatSteel and Millennium Steel every bit good as Europe’s 2nd largest steel manufacturer Corus ( 2007 ) .

Ownership of strategic natural stuffs like coal. limestone etc. It holds 43 % interest in a coal company. Riversdale Mining
Ltd. ( Mozambique ) .

The company is portion of the composite Dow Jones Sustainability World Index ( DJSI World ) since 2008 which comprises leaders in sustainability selected on the footing of long-run economic.

environmental and societal standards. from the largest 2500
companies in the universe.


It is the first integrated steel works in Asia and the world’s 2nd most geographically diversified steel manufacturer.

After the acquisition of Corus in 2007. TATA STEEL became the 6th largest petroleum steel manufacturer in the universe.

Tata Steel received the Most Admired Knowledge
Enterprises ( MAKE ) award for 2012 at Global and Asian degree.

In 2012. NatSteel has been awarded the Work-Life Excellence
Award by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. It is besides a
receiver of the Apex Platinum Health Award by the Singapore Health Promotion Board

Tata Steel created history by going the first integrated steel company in the universe to be awarded the desired Deming Grand


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