athens vs sparta

December 30, 2016 Music

Sparta and Athens were both thriving City States in Greece. Although they both were located in the same country, they operated their societies in different ways with very few similarities. The Main goal for the Spartans was to make an elite state of soldiers while the main goal for Athenians was to create society with well-balanced attributes. .

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In the beginning Athens was ruled by an aristocratic government. This did not work very well so they moved towards a democracy. The reason the form of government was changed was because the citizens of Athens especially the farmers, were not pleased with the way the economy was forcing them into debt. The debt was so severe that many had to sell themselves and family as slaves to pay them off. The public then appointed another leader who implemented many reforms that outlawed debt slavery and many other downsides of the previous government. The new ruler even encouraged the export of wine and olive oil to help increase demand for products. .

One of the main ways they were similar though was in their form of government. Both Athens and Sparta had an Assembly, whose members were elected by the people. Sparta was ruled by two kings, who ruled until they died or were forced out of office. Athens was ruled by archons, who were elected annually. Thus, because both parts of Athens’ government had leaders who were elected, Athens is said to have been the birthplace of democracy. .

The peoples of Athens were not as concerned about having the most powerful military in the region but they were interested in creating a society that was competent in many aspects not just the physical. In Athens the young boys of the state were entitled to an education if their family could afford it. The curriculum was comprised of studying music, poetry, reading and writing. They also were taught to be skilled public speakers because they would have to be able to voice their views in their democratic government.


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