Atlassian product’s information effectively to the target

April 12, 2019 Marketing

Atlassian is established in the year 2002 by Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar having the headquarters in Australia. The company is into the development of software which would be hosted or installed for the developers and project managers.
JIRA, a tacker which helps to track an issue and an application called confluence that was designed to the prerequisites of an undertaking learning administration framework, without losing the fundamental effortlessness of the wiki all the while
The sales model they are using to market these two products in the marketplace is by “No-touch sales model” and “self-service sales model”
The company succeeded by adapting the “Google AdWords and Search Engine marketing” which helped to deliver the product’s information effectively to the target technical customers in a way that it helped the company to announce around the people were trying to find. This made easy for the company with the low investments in the Google AdWords and SE marketing because these two are still in its baseline. Moreover, it also helped the company to acquire large volume of new customers as well by taking the right help at the right time and making internet as its marketing and distribution platform.
Using the same techniques for the second product strengthened the company with their “go-to market strategy” and boosted up the no-touch sales approach and added more weightage to their strategy that combined with the internet marketing at a low-cost which is through “AdWords with a no-touch online distribution system”.
Advocacy team, channel partners, KPIs’, Google AdWords, online marketing, self-services sales model combined with channel sales that eliminated gaps like language barriers and made a huge success as a channel-friendly business, enterprise advocates. All these are the strongest pillars for the company by which they can target the customers very well with no doubt.
The business model of the company is “Land and Expand”. It includes to have a correct product-market fit, market and product. Pricing, go-to market strategy, NPS and internet marketing are already in practice by the company for competition, entering into the market, evaluating them product, also for their online presence. It has been implementing every aspect that could help them to increase their sales. They are offering higher touch approach to the large organizations for better accommodation with augmenting sales strategy with a higher touch approach.


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