Atticus Finch’s portrayal in “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee Essay Sample

July 20, 2017 General Studies

In Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” Atticus Finch was portrayed as the ideal adult male. This presentation of Atticus Finch is far excessively idealistic. Atticus ne’er releases from acting absolutely. so absolutely that he exhibits no human idiosyncrasies. The portrayal painted of him is far excessively idealistic ; he ever acts bravely and morally. he is a theoretical account male parent and he has no biass despite that fact he lives in a clip and an environment that is consumed by racism.

Atticus Finch lived in a clip in Southern Alabama when a system of segregation and acrimonious racism was enforced by jurisprudence kept African Americans from accomplishing equality or bettering themselves. White people were told that they were above black people. Atticus had no such bias which was unrealistic for this clip. Atticus is a attorney in Maycomb. a typical southern town where racial favoritism is the normal behavior. “Blacks” went to different churches. there was segregated seating in the tribunals. where all work forces are meant to be equal and in every facet of their lives they were treated as inferiors.

However Atticus ne’er succumbed to this manner of thought. When he was supporting a Negro named Tom Robinson and the people in the town were endangering him for making so Atticus ne’er showed any mark that he doubted what he was making. Far excessively idealistically he was shown to believe in the unity of the legal system and the jury and that finally people would see right from incorrect. When Scout asks him if he is a “nigger loved” Atticus replies “I surely am. I do my best to love everybody” ( page 120 ) . This quotation mark shows that he believes that the inkinesss are his peers and that he attempts to “love” them. This attitude is so alone for that clip that it is unreal.

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Throughout the fresh Atticus shows an utmost bravery that is excessively perfect. Numerous times he is threatened. yet he ne’er reacts with fright. In his defence of Tom Robinson. Atticus believed in Tom’s artlessness and fought for his freedom. Atticus knew he wasn’t traveling to win the instance but he knew he had to execute his responsibility. By executing his responsibility he had the bulk of the town endangering him and his kids. Even when the loony Bob Ewell “approached him. cursed him. bicker on him and threatened to kill him” ( page 239 ) Atticus “didn’t bat an oculus. merely took out his hankie and wiped his face and stood there and allow Mr. Ewell call him names. ” ( page240 ) . For Atticus to demo no animus towards the people who were endangering and mistreating him is portraying him far excessively absolutely. peculiarly when his kids become marks every bit good.

Atticus is ever moral and ethical in his behavior. His conforming perfectly to criterions of what is right and incorrect is excessively idealistic. Through “To Kill a Mockingbird” Atticus stops Scout and Jem from making things because they are “wrong” . He allows those who can non afford it legal service which he is paid for. non in hard currency. but with whatever the individual can afford e. g. a poke of murphies. Atticus’ morality allows him to be wholly indifferent with his defence of the Black. Tom Robinson. Atticus’ attitude towards guns is an illustration of the portraiture of his morality as being excessively idealistic. When Atticus believes that Jem ( his boy ) . killed Bob Ewell. he is so morally focused. that he would see his ain boy punished for slaying of a adult male who genuinely deserved to decease.

Even when the constabulary officer. Mr. Tate. attempts to convert Atticus that Jem was guiltless. Atticus refuses to believe him. “Heck it’s mighty sort of you and I know you’re traveling it from that good bosom of yours. but don’t start anything like that. ” ( page 300 ) . When a huffy Canis familiaris is heading towards his house. Atticus is loath to hit it. even though he knows it will likely ache person. So overpowering is his sense of right and incorrect. When he realizes he has no pick but to hit the does his kids discover that their male parent was the “deadest shooting in Maycomb County” ( Page 108 ) . But Atticus refuses to utilize this endowment because it gave him “an unjust advantage over most living things” ( page 109 ) . The morality displayed by Atticus is utmost and his judgements and actions are excessively idealistic.

In all circumstance Atticus is portrayed as lovingness. The feelings and exhibited concern and empathy for other is excessively utmost. When supporting Tom Robinson. during the tribunal instance he inquiries Mayella Ewell with courtesy and regard. Mayella is an uneducated miss whom Atticus believes is lying about being raped by Tom Robinson. Mayella is ill-mannered to Atticus stating “Won’t reply a word you say long as you keep on mockin’ me. ” ( page 200 ) . However Atticus remains unagitated and polite. ne’er trying to flim-flam her. He addresses her as
“miss” and his ain girl Scout “wondered if anybody had of all time called her ma’am or ‘Miss Mayella’ in her life. ” ( page 201 ) . Atticus shows an empathy towards Mayella. he knows she is like a hurt animate being and he doesn’t want to ache any farther. The lovingness and concern presented by Atticus Finch is excessively idealistic. This utmost idealistic portraiture extends to his function as a individual male parent and a parent.

Atticus has two kids ( Jem and Scout ) . he is a theoretical account male parent. who instills in his kids valuable life lessons. He treats them as his peers which is shown as they call him Atticus. non father. Atticus is ever just when covering with his kids. “When Jem an’ I fuss Atticus doesn’t of all time merely listen to Jem’s side of it. he hears mine too” ( page 95 ) . If his kids inquire a inquiry he ever answers it. “When a kid asks you something. reply him” ( page 97 ) . The ethical motives that govern his life. he tries to transfuse in his ain kids ; they are non allowed to contend or handle Blacks otherwise. He besides makes the clip to educate them at place.

Atticus Finch is a idol. he represents all that is virtuous in adult male. He is respected by everyone in Maycomb. he is the most devoted male parent. he manages every state of affairs in his life with bravery and lovingness. he is ever dignified and respectful. morally right and ne’er exhibits any bias. However this presentation of Atticus Finch is far excessively idealistic. he in fact becomes excessively good to be true.


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