Atticus Parenting Success Introduction

February 2, 2019 Business

Atticus Parenting Success


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Many disregard the fact that they need to be there for their children and their absence of involvement in the child’s affairs, school as well as fun activities, greatly impacts their life. The way in which a parent educates and cares for their child, has a great impact on the way they will behaves and grows up to be. A child that is strictly taught in a certain way will show what the parent/ guardian who educated and cared for them was like and how they managed to form the child. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, parents Jem and Scout by using Permissive and Authoritative parenting. Through this type of parenting, both children have gotten a great deal of knowledge and respect, as well as refined and gentile characters. Atticus’s way of free parenting has taught Jem and Scout how to survive in many situations. With wise words and a small amount of involvement, he has helped them both realize and understand how the world truly is and how to confront situations wisely.

What is Permissive and Authoritative Parenting

Permissive and Authoritative Parenting are on of the well known parenting styles in the world. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch uses a mixture of these two techniques in order to educate his children. Permissive parenting is the type of parenting style that is focused on having low demands but has high responses from the children. It is a way of treating your child in a lenient way and providing for them, but not being fully involved in their decisions. Sometimes permissive parents allow their children to do as they please and still hope to receive good results and attitude from them. Atticus Finch shows as a permissive parent, for he allows Scout and Jem to wander around in town and also allows Scout to dress in a tomboy type of way, something that is considered repulsive by Aunt Alexandria. As stated in the book, “If Uncle Atticus lets you run around with stray dogs, that’s his own business”, Atticus allows Scout and Jem to wander in town. However, Atticus doesn’t just rely on permissive parenting, but adds Authoritative parenting to help Jem and Scout the best he can. Authoritative Parenting is when the parent has authority and control over their kids, but is more communicative in their relationship. Authoritative parents allow the freedom of expression of their children and encourage them to be socially responsible and learn how to be self dependent, but still remain cooperative and obedient. In a way, even though Atticus was not really involved in Scout’s and Jem’s lives, he did talk to them and scold them when they were doing wrong.

Allowing Scout and Jem be out on their own

Allowing Scout and Jem to be free to decide what they do and where they go in town was one of the best ways that Atticus parented them. Their exposure to Maycomb, helps them to realize the emotions and characters of the people. They are exposed to the hypocrisy allowed them to realize and understand that trying to understand everyone is impossible, that life isn’t always just, and that everyone hold their own truth and believes what they wish to believe. The greatest outcome of allowing them to have a freedom to go where they want was after Bob Ewell’s attackBob Ewell’s attack, were a mature nature begins to develop in Scout and her perspective of life and Maycomb changes. “Well, it’d be sort of like shootin’ a mockingbird, wouldn’t it?”, Scout comments about the importance about leaving Arthur Radley out of the towns limelight, protecting an innocent being.

Atticus’s words have such a great effect on his children

The relationship between Atticus and both Jem and Scout is fairly distant, but seemingly close. To further emphasize, Atticus may not be involved in everything that they do, but he does give them advice and scolds them in the most respectful way. With his words and ability to listen to what they have to say, Atticus Finch changes and builds up Jem and Scout’s character and way of being.

Jem and Scouts characters change as a result of the parenting skills

Atticus’s way of parenting through Permissive and Authoritative parenting has helped Scout and Jem realize and understand the world, actions that people take, and has taught them to confront many situations in life with a new and wise perspective. Only by being a part of his children’s’ lives, and by exchanging wise words and caring comfort, Atticus Finch has turned his children into admirable, respected kids. There of demonstrating that it does not need a fully educated child professional to raise the perfect children.


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