Augmented the 21st century. AR will be

By February 11, 2019 General Studies

Augmented Reality has the potential to create entirely new markets and completely disrupt existing markets. As technology advances, price points decline, and the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and Snap release platforms for smartphone-based AR, AR is set to transform the way people interact and engage with the digital world in everyday life. The global augmented reality market is expected to grow significantly to approximately $90 billion USD by 2020. (Statistica, 2018)

The potential applications of AR technology in the beer industry are endless. At a consumer level, it can inspire customers to see, taste and experience products in an entirely new way, creating a far more personalised experience. (source) From an industry standpoint, AR can be used as a tool to work alongside people, with human and digital technologies working together, and leveraging the inherent strengths of both. (Mariani, 2017) That teamwork can be the key to success in the complex and data rich environment of the 21st century. AR will be increasingly relied upon and necessary for tasks with high volumes of data or highly variable tasks. (Mariani, 2017)

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There are a few beer brands experimenting with AR in their mobile apps with entertainment and navigation features, AR labels through to 3D tours and delivery services, ultimately trying to blend entertainment with practical functionality.

From a consumer perspective, there are privacy and safety concerns with AR. (source) There are also concerns over increased digital screen time, however as AR offers the ability to be part of the real world whilst still having access to the digital one, these concerns are somewhat minimised. (source)


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