Australian Identity Essay

The Australian individuality is a diverse construct that has developed overtime through important events in our history. As a consequence of these events. it is has established Australia into a multicultural society that now includes legion new life styles. However. it is an germinating construct that is still going. as farther civilizations are migrating to Australia and presenting alone traditions to the Australian life. This thought is farther explored in the verse form ’No more boomerang’ by Kath Walker. which exhibits how the Australian Aborigines were forced into a westernized life style by the British migrators.

In ‘But I was born here. Miss’ by an nameless migrator kid. we venture into the life of an Australian migrator kid who underwent troubles at his school because of his cultural background. In Tim Winton’s ‘Neighbours’ . we witness how the juxtaposing life styles of the migrators and the Australians come together and unrecorded as one. peaceable community. Groking a new manner of life is often a hard undertaking to set about. particularly if it is forced upon. The verse form ‘No more boomerang’ is a premier illustration of how a important event in Australia’s history. the Arrival of the First Fleet. impacted on Australia’s individuality.

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The Australian Aborigines were the first migrators of Australia. and they lived and created the first Australian life style. . The writer. Kath Walker uses correspondence in the signifier of ‘No more’ . which represents how much of the Aboriginal civilization has been lost and has come to halt because of the new imposts and traditions implemented by the Anglo-Saxons which entitles a new civilised civilization. This impression is reinforced in the 3rd stanza of the verse form through repeat of ‘No more’ in the line. “No more sharing of food” .

This stanza refers to how the Aborigines are now no longer following their old customary life styles and alternatively are easy familiarising themselves to the new British manner of life. It is unmistakable that the Aboriginal’s had a debatable period accommodating to the new manner of life installed by the British. However because of the British colonisation we are now a state equal to Britain and one that provides all its citizens with a good life. Nevertheless a new moving ridge of migrators arrived from southern Europe and therefore cultural diverseness started in schools around Australia.

But this wasn’t ever a good thing as a migratory kid wrote in ‘But I was born here. Miss’ . Australian migrator kids went through troublesome obstructions at school because of their ethnicities. In this verse form the writer has used the repeat of the motive. ‘’But I was born here. Miss’’ to stress how the kid is still seen as a migratory even though he claims as being born in Australia. It further foreground how unacceptable a kid was because of his or her cultural background which is supported by the rhetorical inquiry “Where do I populate? ” .

In add-on. the rhetorical inquiry gives farther penetrations into how the migratory kid did non experience like he belonged because of his differences between the other kids. This intolerance led to a clang between the civilizations which caused battles and misinterpretations at schools across Australia. It is hence apparent that Australian migrator kids endured rough fortunes at school because of their ethnicities and the intolerance of the Australian Born kids. Possibly due to the fact of this intolerance many migratory kids didn’t respect themselves as an Australian.

Possibly they merely did non desire to be associated with a group of people that could non accept person for whom he or she genuinely is. In clip nevertheless the two civilizations would larn to populate with each other and make a tolerant society as apparent in Tim Winton’s ‘Neighbours’ . Countless of Australians and migrators were non accustomed to the life styles of each other and frequently wrongly misinterpreted each other’s actions. In the text. the writer Tim Winton uses a exaggeration within the line. “Their neighbors were non slaying each other. simply talking” .

He uses it to show how the new twosome were non use to people casually speaking to each other in that loud mode which had been influenced by the European civilization of the neighbors. Australians and migrators wrongly misinterpreted each other’s actions which lead to one believing the other was brainsick and frailty versa. This exemplifies the different civilizations each one lived by and the traditions that went along with them. The Australians were quiet and friendly people who are ever respectful and knew their boundaries.

Whereas the migrators were loud and critical people who ever had an sentiment and did non cognize what boundaries were. This is conveyed in the narrative when the new twosome planted veggies in their backyard which caught the attending of their neighbors. who were speedy to give them advice on how to works and keep the veggies. The twosome would so portion their veggies with their neighbors who in bend provided veggies for them to works. The spread between the Australian twosome and their European neighbor was eventually reduced as they learned to populate together in harmoniousness.

Therefore it is seen that the Australians and migrators could larn to populate with each other and make a society that accepts other civilizations. In decision. it is clear that the Australian individuality is a diverse construct that has changed over the class of Australia’s history. This is efficaciously highlighted in the texts. ‘No more boomerang’ . ‘But I was born here. Miss’ and in. ‘Neighbours’ . as they convey different facets of the Australian individuality which have been affected by events in our history. Simultaneously these events have created a multicultural society that positively interacts with each other and portions cultural traditions.



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