Australias Involvement In The Vietnam War History Essay

In the 1960s communism was distributing to the biggest states in the universe now what is communism. Communism is where by the authorities controls the state. When communism was in Vietnam it hit North of Vietnam and slowly it was traveling to distribute to the South. The ANZUS forces wanted all states to be under capitalist economy. Capitalism is where there is private ownership of a concern and belongings. When the intelligence spread about communism there was a fright of communism in Asia and shortly Australian. The Australian population was divided when it came to directing Australian soldiers to the Vietnam to assist the America in the war. Some Australians felt that the determination to travel to war in Vietnam was a good thought. These groups were the broad authorities Catholic church. Some groups like the R.S.L opposed to traveling to Vietnam War and the s.o.s Dendranthema grandifloruoms and the Protestant Churches.

When the Menzies authorities declared publically that Australian military personnels were traveling to be sent to Vietnam there was a immense division in Australian society. Many people supported the authorities ‘s determination and many people opposed the authorities ‘s determination. The Liberal Party was all the manner with the Menzies determination and the actions he had taken. When Menzies decided resigned in 1966. Harold Holt had taken over his place, the broad party was behind him in every determination he made. Holt brought Australia in a really close relationship with America. He was really close friend with the American President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Peoples referred to him as LBJ. In 1966 after a visit to Washington DC, where Holt was given a sort welcoming by Johnson, he acknowledged that when it came to Vietnam, Australia was behind America and ‘All the manner with LBJ ‘ . If South Vietnam were to fall to communism, and as the Domino consequence theory suggested would go on to other Asiatic states like Thailand, Myanmar and Malaya were to follow and after the universe would travel under communism. Many people did n’t even care about Vietnam until they herd it was traveling to be under communism. Beside the reaction at the election polls, sentiment polls besides showed widespread support among the people for the authorities determination to travel to war. In a Morgan Gallup a canvass held in May 1965, 52 % said they supported authorities policy in Vietnam, 37 % opposed it and 11 % were undecided. Some Australians thought that traveling to war was the right thing to make as some Aussies have that mentally.

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Anti-war protest began in 1962 when the first Australian military personnels were sent to Vietnam to contend with America. Most of the protest/anti-war motion was strongly against muster. Many of the trade brotherhoods called the authoritiess support of America ‘s determinations and foreign policy in Vietnam ‘blood for dollars ‘ , or ‘diggers for dollars ‘ . They believed the Australian authorities believed that if they sacrifice Australian military personnel America will hike Australia ‘s economic system. In ulterior old ages, no other group would be more associated with anti-war activities, but reaction in the universities instantly after the proclamation was rather assorted, with some support every bit good as resistance. Every eventide, telecasting broadcast the horror of Vietnam around the universe and brought it into Australian places. By 1970, the anti-war sentiment had quickly grown into immense mass meetings, Marches, church services, sit-ins and candlelight emanations. These united protest motions demanded a moratorium ( a suspension ) of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War moratorium mass meetings of 1970 appealed to people as a manner of exposing their support for the terminal of the war. The first Moratorium Day was held in the United States with 100s of 1000s of people halting work in a mass protest demanding that the United States authorities withdraw from Vietnam instantly.

Psychologically, Australia had been prepared for another war since the struggle in Korea. Compulsory military preparation and cosmopolitan muster had been briefly re-introduced in 1951. The Australian people had been told so frequently to fix for war that they all thought it was merely a affair of clip before they would hold to travel into conflict with the Communists. Many people were believing why delay until it ‘s excessively late and fight them when they invade our ain land – Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s travel out and run into this menace caput on. This ground is reasonably straightforward and is linked to the fright of communism. Geographically, Vietnam is on Australia ‘s doorsill. If South Vietnam were to fall to communism, and as the Domino consequence theory suggested would go on – other Asiatic states like Thailand, Myanmar and Malaya were to follow. So Australia to travel to war in my sentiment was the right thing to make.



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