January 3, 2017 Sports

Today there are so many different types of vehicles that travel our highways. These vehicles can be broken down into different categories, such as sports cars, sports utilities vehicles, luxury sedans, vans, and trucks. But, probably the most commonly seen are sports cars, sports utilities vehicles (SUV’s) and luxury sedans. Normally there are three different types of drivers that fall into these categories of vehicles; sports car drivers who like a powerful car, SUV drivers who like a spacious vehicle, and luxury sedan drivers who like a nice looking vehicle that rides great.

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Sports cars: these are higher performance vehicles that excel in horsepower and speed. If you”re wondering what horse power is, its how the United Stares measures the amount of power a vehicle posses. The average sports car today ranges in price from twenty- three thousand dollars, such as Ford’s Mustang GT all the way up to the two hundred fifty thousand dollar Lamborghini. This is why you normally see a lot of average working people driving a Mustang and wealthier people driving Lamborghini’s. Typically, the more horse power a sports car posses the larger amount of money you”ll spend on it. For example, the Mustang produces two hundred sixty horses while the Lamborghini produces five hundred or more horse. .

Sport utility vehicles (SUV’s): These are the more luxurious vehicles that excel in cargo room, towing capacity, and vehicle design. Sports utility vehicles are more expensive, ranging anywhere from Chevrolet’s trailblazer costing thirty thousand dollars to the H-1 Hummer that costs around eighty thousand dollars.

Luxury sedans: the vehicle designers of luxury sedans concentrate more on how the vehicle rides, and all the new luxurious features, for example, the on- star navigational system, which makes traveling more convenient. All most every automotive company has their own version of a luxury sedan. Cadillac has their Coupe Deville that costs around thirty thousand, but Bentley makes the most luxurious sedan and it costs around five hundred thousand dollars.


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