Autotobiography of a Wounded Soldier

August 25, 2017 General Studies

Red Badge Of Courage Red Badge of Courage Book Report By: Adam Moore The main point in The Red Badge of Courage is Henry Flemings         fear about how he will do in his first skrimish in the Civil War. Henry was a young man who lived on a farm with his mother. He dreamed about what fighting in a war would be like, and dreamed of being a hero. He dreamed of the battles of war, and of what it would be like to fight in         those glorious battles.

His mother was wise and caring. She did not want him to         go to war. She gave him hundreds of reasons on why he was needed on the         farm and not in the war. He didn’t want to stay in the farm and do nothing, so he         enlisted in the miliatary. After joining he found himself, with nothing to do. He became friends         with two other soldiers, John Wilson and Jim Conklin. John was an         obnoxious soldier, but he becomes one of Henry’s best friends.

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Jim was tall, he was         a childhood friend of Henry’s. They all were exiceted about going to war. They started marching. After a few days Henry realized that they were         going around in circles. They just continued marching without a reason. During this time Henry starts to think differently about war. He         becomes scared about running away from a battle. Lieutenant Hasbrouck, a         young lieutenant of   Henry’s regiment was an extremely         brave man.

He, unlike the other officers, cared about and defended his troops         performance, and made sure that they got the recognition they deserved. He         was a true leader and Henry and John wanted to be just like him. After a while, they finally discover a battle taking place. Jim gives Henry         a yellow envelope with a packet inside. He is sure that he will die, and says         that this will be his first and last battle. The troops manage to hold off the         rebels during the first attack, but…


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