Background of the Maxis Berhad Essay

By July 18, 2017 General Studies

Ananda Krishnan is the proprietor of Maxis Berhad. having RM8. 8 billion gross in 2010. In Malaysia. Maxis is the top ranking company in supplying telecommunication services. There are more than 3200 employees working in Maxis Berhad. Maxis headquarter was located at Maxis Tower. Kuala Lumpur. The dialling prefixes that used by Maxis company are “012” . “017” . “014-2” . and “011-12” . Maxis has acquire a licence to run a countrywide GSM 900 Mobile web in 1993. In August 1995. Maxis starts its nomadic concerns and in early 1996 Maxis commenced its fixed line and international gateway operation.

Maxis had introduced the most popular prepaid trade name “Hotlink” in 1999. After Maxis already purchased Timecel. a rival Mobile services supplier from TimedotCom Berhad. Maxis offered phone Numberss get downing with 012 and TimeCell 017. Then. clients can take between these two Numberss. In 2007. Maxis was expanded into Indonesian and Indian markets and it is offered by Ananda Krishnan. who pledged Maxis RM17. 46 billion for all the staying portions of the company.

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In 2009. Ananda Krishnan has to re-list his company in Bursa Malaysia on 11th of November. under the goad of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Besides. 3G service was foremost introduced by Maxis Berhad. such as 3G connect Card. Personal computer Webmail. Video Mail and 3G prepaid. 3G services offered by Maxis Berhad allowed Maxis user to bask the amusement and communicating services like picture calls. live nomadic Television. games and radio broadband Internet. Businessman would prefer utilizing Maxis 3G programs because they can look into anything on-line and Maxis was the first to present 3G.

Therefore. most of them will utilize the postpaid line offered by Maxis. Value Plus 50. Value Plus 80 and Value Plus 150 are the illustrations of prepaid line offered by Maxis where the different bundles for different clients depending on their demands. In the other manus. Maxis is besides the most popular prepaid trade name Hotlink. which serves more than 8 million of clients in Malaysia. A new IDD 132 service. which offers at a rate of 8 sen naming rates mobile and land lines in selected states was greatly promoted by Maxis.


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